Comedian Eddie Murphy Has a New Reggae Track

Comedian Eddie Murphy Has a New Reggae Track

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Eddie Murphy, Hollywood’s comedic giant released his newest reggae track Oh Jah Jah.” Although Eddie’s reggae inclinations are virtually unknown to many, his followers have long been aware of his passion for reggae and music in general. Back in 2013, the comedian dropped several tracks in anticipation of releasing a full album. However, legal allegations had come in the way which nipped his project in the bud.

On the matter of whether or not Eddie will finally make his reggae music career mainstream by releasing a long overdue album, is really up to how the audience receives “Oh Jah Jah.” He said, “If people respond to [“Oh Jah Jah”], then I might. If people don’t, that shit will just stay on the shelf where it’s at. And I’m cool with that.”

Obviously from his statements, the artist does not bank on this side of his art. He treats his music as something he has consistently worked on, and he coolly waits for the time when people will really dig him up and see him at a musical perspective. While it’s not something that one will just say “it’s no big deal,” it’s rather more like a matter of priority and focus. Eddie Murphy has always been known as the comedian, not the musician. Although he wouldn’t mind being known by his other side – his musical artsy side.

“Oh Jah Jah” will be available on iTunes on January 27th. The track is all out authentic reggae tunes and beats with attributions to religion and race which touch mostly on socially relevant issues in America today. When you listen well enough, Eddie puts in a Jamaican accent that definitely cements this track’s flare. Fans who have sampled Eddie’s reggae release have peppered the comments section with mostly praises for his new track. People have left comments like “beautiful!,” “One big surprise! Big up!,” and some indie artists tip their hats to him referring to Eddies as “RasMurphy.”

It’s easy to infer that, indeed, Eddie Murphy’s new reggae track has been initially well received. It would not be of any surprise if “Oh Jah Jah” would render incredible statistics once it hits iTunes on January 27th.

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