Conspiracy Theories: Top 7 Stories Proven to Be True

Conspiracy Theories: Top 7 Stories Proven to Be True

7 Shocking Conspiracy Theories Proven to Be True ppcorn

Conspiracy theories can be a fun way to think about an event in a new light or to even speculate when you’re bored. However, some conspiracy theories are just a little too real. These seven conspiracy theories have been proven to be true. Do you believe it? Read and find out!

Number Seven: MKUltra Project. The theory goes that between 1950 and 1973, the CIA used mind control on U.S. citizens in an experiment. In 1995, President Clinton formally apologized on behalf of the government for the experiments, which actually happened and were highly illegal. The experiments, called MKUltra, involved drugs, hypnotics, verbal and sexual abuse, and torture.

Number Six: Great Diamond Conspiracy. During the 1870s, huge diamond mines were opened, and conspiracy theorists believed that diamond prices were inflated and that diamonds were actually quite worthless. Well, that’s not so far from the truth, because in 1870, huge diamond mines were indeed found, and soon there was an excess of diamonds in the market. When it was realized that the price of diamonds was determined by supply, investors realized that the supply had to be restricted. The diamond market then became a monopoly.

Number Five: Gulf of Tonkin Incident. This was a major event in 1964 that was one of the key contributing factors to the start of the Vietnam War. However, some conspiracy theorists believe that the event never happened. The story goes that a U.S. destroyer ship fired 300 shells in the Gulf of Tonkin near Vietnam, where three Vietnamese vessels were present. In 2005, a study revealed that no Vietnamese vessels were present during the incident. The ship was firing at nothing.

Number Four: The Syphilis Debacle. Some people believe that between the years of 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service refused to treat people suffering from syphilis as part of a study. Well, it turns out this horrific theory is absolutely true. Nearly 400 rural African American men who were infected with syphilis were told that they had “bad blood,” and by the early 1970s, almost half of the men had died of syphilis, and some of their wives had contracted syphilis as well. The men were never given treatment.

Number Three: Faking Terrorism. This theory goes that the joint chiefs of staff of the U.S. military planned to fake acts of terrorism against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil in a Cuban false flag attack in an effort to persuade the public to support the war against Cuba. Well, this plan, which involved shooting down innocent citizens and hijacking planes, actually existed and was approved. However, President Kennedy rejected it, so it never went into action.

Number Two: Government Spying. This is a very common theory, and many people believe they are being watched by the government. Well, the truth is that you probably are being watched by the government right now. And it’s not only in the United States where people are being watched: countries all over the world are watching their citizens. What’s even scarier is that many people being spied on have absolutely no connection to terrorism, making the act of spying highly illegal.

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Number One: Professional Wrestling Is Fake. Many believe that what you see in WWE and other wrestling programs is 100% fake, and that even the outcomes of the matches are predetermined. However, in 2013, it was confirmed to be true when a reddit user who claimed to have a contact in the wrestling community began to post the results of matches which had not yet aired. He accurately predicted each and every one of the 38 results he posted, thereby confirming the theory that the results of wrestling matches are predetermined.

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