The 6 Coolest YouTube Easter Eggs

The 6 Coolest YouTube Easter Eggs

The 6 Coolest YouTube Easter Eggs

Everyone knows web developers are some of quirkiest people alive, but sometimes they can be really cool, too. Well, these six YouTube easter eggs are proof of exactly that. They’re fun, funny, and an excellent way to waste your time the next time you just don’t feel like doing any work. Try them out for yourself below!

Number Six: Transparent Control Bar. If you want YouTube to look cleaner and more minimalistic, just type “”, and go. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Get the Player.” You’ll have a transparent control bar, and everything will look just that much better.

Number Five: The Harlem Shake. If you’re still not over that cult hit, “The Harlem Shake,” then type “Do the Harlem Shake” into the YouTube search bar, and prepare to be amazed. The YouTube logo will begin to shake, and eventually, the entire screen will be doing a simplified version of the dance.

Number Four: Star Wars. If you type “Use the force Luke” into YouTube’s search bar, you’ll get a screen that allows you to control the pictures and text on the page…just by using your mouse! How cool is that? Well, it may not be totally convenient, but it is undeniably cool.

Number Three: Star Trek. If you can’t get enough Star Trek or you’re just a Trekkie for life, then try typing “Beam me up Scotty” into the YouTube search bar. The page will reload with a style that is undeniably Star Trek.

Number Two: Doge. To torture your friends, try typing “Doge meme” into their YouTube search bar when they’re not looking. You’ll get a page that’s entirely comic sans and in so many colors it might cause a kindergartener to have a seizure. Your friend might never forgive you, but worth it. So worth it.

Number One: Lean Back. Finally, if you’re feeling super lazy or are just so over using your mouse, try typing “”, and go. You’ll get a screen that allows you to navigate YouTube using only your arrows. To be honest, it’s actually pretty convenient all the time.

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