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Cop Takes Stray Kitten On A Ride Along And Ends Up Adopting Her

Cop Takes Stray Kitten On A Ride Along And Ends Up Adopting Her

An officer from the Lakeland Police Department was finishing his shift one evening in 2016 when he found a little stray kitten. The kitten kept meowing for help and the officer decided to take it back to the station. What the man didn’t know was that one of his colleagues would fall in love with it!

20. Police Officers

Police officers are there to help people, but this isn’t where their job ends. These amazing people do their best to help everyone in need, including stray kittens without a home!

19. Lakeland Police Department

As previously mentioned, an officer from the Lakeland Police Department was close to ending his shift when he decided to save a stray kitten by taking it to the station.

18. K9 Units

Even though the police force uses K9 units, they don’t have that much use for cats. This is why the little cat who got saved was supposed to stay the night at the station and then to be taken to the local shelter.

17. Comfortable Box

The officer didn’t want the kitten to wander around the station and he put her in a box filled with blankets. The funny thing about this is that the tiny ball of fur kept trying to get out of the box, the poor animal didn’t know what was happening to her. What happened next is adorable!

16. Hard To Catch

Even though the little kitten was hard to catch, she calmed down after realizing that the officer didn’t mean her any harm. However, this is when the officer’s shift ended and his colleague walked into the station. You won’t believe what happened next!

15. Sergeant Brian Wallace

The first thing that Sergeant Brian Wallace saw when he started his shift was the little kitten. Just like anyone else would do, the sergeant’s heart melted and he took the kitten into his arms. The tiny ball of fur reacted in the cutest way! We’re melting over the following photos!

14. Instant Connection

To Brian’s surprise, the kitten liked him and didn’t even tried to run away from him. There was an instant connection between them and Brian could feel it. That’s when he decided to do this next thing… 

13. Ride Along

The Sergeant needed to go and drive around the town, but he didn’t want to leave the little kitten alone, so he took her box and placed it in the passenger seat of the police car. This tiny cat was in for a surprise! Do you think she enjoyed the ride?

12. Police Car

Brian Wallace placed the cat next to him in the police car and started his shift. The Sergeant was a little bit worried that the stray cat might try to run away and cause him troubles, but this didn’t happen. Instead, the kitten did the cutest thing ever!

11. Falling Asleep

Minutes after starting the car, the kitten fell asleep. Brian knew this meant she felt comfortable around him and he couldn’t be happier about it. Then he realized something…

10. Cute Kitten

As the kitten was purring inside the police car, Brian Wallace realized that he doesn’t want her to end up in an animal shelter. Keep reading to find out why!

9. Overcrowded Shelters

The reason why Brian Wallace didn’t want to take the kitten to the shelter is that those places are overcrowded. This is a heartbreaking thing, but it isn’t the worst part about animal shelters.

8. Getting Adopted

The Sergeant knew that stray kittens have a hard time finding an adoptive family and he worried that no one might want to adopt the kitten that was sitting in his passenger seat. This is when Brian Wallace came up with a brilliant idea!

7. Adopting The Kitten

Knowing that there is a slim chance that someone might want to adopt the little kitten, he decided to take her into his home! Can you believe this?

6. Kelsey

Brian Wallace took her to his house and named her Kelsey. The Sargeant says that he knew he was going to adopt the little kitten right from the moment he laid eyes on her.

5. Loving Home

After months of living alone on the streets, this cute kitten finally had a place to call home. Not just that, but Brian was determined to give her delicious treats every day and to show her how what being loved feels like.

4. The Family Gets Bigger

Another amazing thing is that Brian Wallace’s family was more than happy to adopt Kelsey. We think it’s safe to say that the little kitten got lucky to be rescued by Brian Wallace.

3. Amazing Turn Of Events

The little kitten’s story was heartbreaking at first, but luckily things changed for the better when she crossed paths with Brian Wallace.

2. Lucky Cat

Kelsey is a lucky kitten because most stray animals never manage to find adoptive homes and shelters have to put them away. As heartbreaking as this is, shelters are forced to do that in order to be able to keep saving other animals.

1.Car Ride

All that matters now is that Kelsey’s life changed after going on a car ride with Brian Wallace. Nonetheless, what did you think of this awesome story?

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