The 13 Best Videos from Taylor Swift

The 13 Best Videos from Taylor Swift

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This morning as I unashamedly drove to the store to buy a physical copy of TSwizzle’s deluxe version of 1989, I realized that this was album number five. The 24-year-old has racked up hit after hit, and here I was five years since she ‘made it,’ diligently shuffling off to the store like the teenybopper I am to treat my ears to the sweet synthesised sounds of “Shake It Off” and Out of The Woods.” It got me thinking, “I wonder what song will have a video clip next?” This naturally then led to, “Dang, that girl has released a lot of cool music clips!” So, in an ode to Taylor Swift and her ever-changing, always-entertaining tunes, here is a countdown of her 13 best music video clips.

Red: A montage of Taylor performing on her Red tour, this video makes the cut because this girl is awesome live. Plus, this song is about as catchy as they come.

Safe and Sound: Fans of the Hunger Games weren’t let down with this melancholy tune featuring The Civil Wars. The bleak landscape and set similar to the ruins of District 12 were cleverly and elegantly placed.

Tear Drops on My Guitar: For close up shots of a young Tay weeping her sparkly eyeliner over some stupid dude who broke her heart, and for the placement of her guitar in each of these shots, this clip earns a solid #11 place in the rankings. Yep, this video is a classic.

22: They are running around on the beach wearing cat’s ears and I want to join in the fun! Taylor Swift is also walking around with a bullhorn emphasizing the epic-ness of being single, so there’s that.

The Story of Us: Granted, at times it feels like a modern day retake of Britney Spears’, “Baby…One More Time.” But it’s actually way better because Taylor stares moodily in to the camera while standing in a library.

Fifteen: A personal and pivotal clip in the superstar’s career, the fact her best friend Abigail steps in and plays…well herself, makes it so meaningful. This is an anthem for teens everywhere.

Love Story: If there was ever a doubt that T-Swift was a princess (albeit one who kicks butt), this clip proves it. With a beautiful dress, a handsome prince and a castle worthy of Rapunzel, this tune has it all.

I Knew You Were Trouble: The first time we saw Taylor shed her perfectly pure image, the grit and angst in this video translates the heartbreak of a girl in love perfectly.  Plus the desert landscape really adds to the drama of the situation.

Everything Has Changed: Because the story in this clip is ridiculously cute, and the little Ed Sheeran and Taylor are adorable.  Throw in a love story between the singers and we’ve got a winner.

Mean: Theatre geeks unite! The use of costumes, classic ‘damsel in distress’ storyline and exaggerated acting makes this clip hard to beat. Plus, the banjo is just rad.

Shake it Off: How can you not dance to this song? Props to Taylor for perfecting her ballerina, gymnast and twerking skills. Even if it sometimes feels like an Old Navy ad, it’s a pretty epic start to the 1989 saga.

We Are Never Getting Back Together: There are many reasons this video is epic. But because this clip is filmed in a single take, we see Taylor dancing around in her pyjamas, and her band are committed enough to dress up like farm animals, this is a worthy silver medal winner.

You Belong With Me: How can you not love this cute story about a nerd with a heart of gold beating out the mean cheerleader and winning the cool guy’s heart? We see awkward Taylor, mean Taylor, Princess Taylor, and Lucas Till all in one music video. It does not get much better than that my friend.

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