Counting Crows: 'Earthquake Driver' Music Video Review

Counting Crows: ‘Earthquake Driver’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Counting Crows via Vevo

Courtesy of Counting Crows via Vevo

Counting Crows, the 90’s rock band that brought to us a lingering version of “Big Yellow Taxi” and made us fall in love with Shrek through their hit “Accidentally In Love,” has just released their music video for “Earthquake Driver” from their album Somewhere Under Wonderland.

The whole music video was shot using the stop motion technique. The story line revolves around what seems to be a normal guy’s day. It begins with him waking up in the bright early morning and then walking the city streets. He heads to the park, meets a lovely girl and yet still ends up alone somewhere on a hill while staring into the sunset.

The band’s writing inspiration has reportedly come from the ten days of being together while visiting in New York City. The creative meeting had produced six out of the ten songs, and noticeably, majority of the songs in Somewhere Under Wonderland is a depiction of modern day living with themes centered around materialism and commercialism. Although Counting Crows have not been known to vocally address the hint of advocacy in their music, fans and followers recognize the bands inclination to put the spot light on certain everyday lifestyles.

The band has not waned on putting upbeat and lively tunes together with socially relevant messages in the lyrics. The music video for “Earthquake Driver” feels quite surreal, yet listening to Counting Crows always seems to make the audience connect to the language of their music.

Kudos to the team that produced the music video for “Earthquake Driver” as it is pretty obvious that a lot of effort was contributed to putting together a seamless job. Stop motion technique takes so much hard work to be able to arrive at a sensible output, not to mention, the man-hours needed to keep things right on perspective. Reception of the new music video has yet to generate the numbers. “Earthquake Driver” may not be the next “Mr. Jones,” however, Counting Crows continues to remain in the scene with their unfading brand of music.

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