Coyote Kisses: 'Revive' Single Review

Coyote Kisses: ‘Revive’ Single Review

Courtesy of Coyote Kisses via Soundcloud

Courtesy of Coyote Kisses via Soundcloud

Well known for blending electric elements with neon nature, Coyote Kisses comes to our ear steps. Embracing natural synth sounds and harping arps of eardrum goodness, the electronic duo gives us their new single “Revive.”  I tend to search through a lot of electronic music for cool new sounds, and “Revive” just took the cake today. Prepare to listen, breath, and enjoy the sites of electronic nature.

I’ve always loved electronic music, especially the EDM chill vibe style songs like “Revive.” At the beginning of the song, we are met with an extremely comfortable bongo beat, slider bass sounds, and automation clips for everyone to enjoy. As the song progresses, the word “eh” is put through a vocoder adjuster, and clipped to become the lead synth in the song.  We are able to embrace a high rising tradition in all of EDM music today – the age of vocoded samples.

The bass matched with the kick drum in the drop is utterly “tight.” It can be hard to find just the right amount of bass to make any song awesome. Coyote Kisses matched the bass and kick together to create that “oomph” feel we all love. I’ve heard mixes where the bass is just overrated and killed beyond measure. “Revive” blends a series of different bass sounds and classy break beat style drums to kill the overrated. I can hear the ‘full song’ and that is a huge step forward. A dirty mix isn’t always a great mix, and Coyote Kisses did well with putting every pattern in just the right channel.  

If you can, follow along with the well side chained chord effect. It appears at the beginning of the drop and leads throughout the song. Sometimes these effects and samples are used to clash with the drum beat. It adds to an overall vibe technique, or simply something that gets your head bobbing. Overall it presents a “power” presence in the mix; power by means the “fullness” of the mix. In some electronic mixes, the incorrect amount of side chain can just sound downright lame. Coyote Kisses definitely pulled through the lame and busted out the awesome.

Electronic music will keep growing and growing – new sounds, new vibes, new world. I am glad Coyote Kisses is a part of it. After listening to “Revive,” I continued to listen through their Soundcloud. Prepare to enjoy the masses of neon nature like never before. I will note that “Revive” is not so good without the bass. You really won’t enjoy the true fullness, or the experience their mix tries to portray. So do us all a favor: before listening, turn up the bass. I recommend this song to the ill people of the world, revive yourself.

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