The Craftmen Club - Vampires (Official Music Video)

The Craftmen Club – Vampires

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Observe vampires on a sunny afternoon in The Craftmen Club’s music video. One young woman is clothed in a dress made of New York Yankees baseball caps, and she dances by an empty swimming pool and plays hopscotch by herself. Another young woman in a black leotard and tutu takes a foot bath in a silver tin filled with milk, and as she drinks milk with an evil smile, you can clearly see her vampire fangs. The first girl leads a flock of white rubber duckies on strings to a house where a ghostly pale man eats a white burger and white fries and drinks white liquid while he fishes for white ducklings in a kiddie pool full of white liquid.  His wife looks on, sucking on blood-red popsicles. The two dancers begin an interpretive dance of play and violence, pushing and pulling each other forcefully back and forth, in the bottom of the empty swimming pool. They play a round of “Mother May I” until the woman with fangs cuts her knee. Find out who gets bit when you watch “Vampires” yourself.   

The Craftmen Club – Steeve Lannuzel, Marc Corlett, Mikael Gaudé, Yann Ollivier
Upton Park Publishing (p) & (c)Upton Park/Prototype


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