The World's 15 Creepiest Vacation Spots (Part 2)

The World’s 15 Creepiest Vacation Spots (Part 2)

The World’s 15 Creepiest Vacation Spots (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of the world’s 15 creepiest vacation spots, and now we’re back with part two! Instead of a boring old beach trip, try visiting one of these eery places for a refreshing change of pace. We’ve got the final seven creepiest vacation spots below, so check them out!

Number Seven: Humberstone and LaNoria. Humberstone was founded in 1872 and quickly became a successful mining town. The economy was wildly successful for many years, but in 1958, everything crashed to a halt, and the town fell apart. The town was abandoned by 1960. Since then, many people say that ghosts still roam the town and can be seen in many photos. Weirdly, the cemeteries in LaNoria contain open graves.

Number Six: Riddle House. Located in Florida, this house was once a funeral parlor. It was then rebuilt and purchased by a man who went by the name of Riddle. One of Riddle’s employees eventually committed suicide in the house’s attic and has since become a very violent ghost. Whenever a man enters the attic, the ghost will throw things at the man until he leaves. Other places in the house are haunted as well.

Number Five: Leap Castle. Leap Castle is reportedly one of the most haunted castles in the world. The castle was built upon a previous torture ground, and a very violent slaughtering took place within the castle’s walls.

Number Four: Actun Tunichil Muknal. This cave is littered with skeletons, but that’s not the creepiest part. The skeletons in the cave are those belonging to children, and most of the children were sacrificed and had their skulls crushed in the process.

Number Three: Isla de las Munecas (Island of Dolls). Located in Mexico, this island began as one man’s project and quickly transformed into something much creepier. Mutilated old dolls hang from tree branches, tree trunks, and all over this island. It is unclear what significance the dolls hold, but it’s very creepy nonetheless.

Number Two: Beelitz Military Hospital. Hitler was cared for in this very creepy hospital, but that’s not the spookiest part about Beelitz. Since 1916 when Hitler was cared for, the hospital has maintained its original condition, which makes wandering its abandoned halls one of the creepiest experiences possible.

Number One: Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest). Finally, the creepiest vacation spot of them all has to be Mount Fuji’s Aokigahara Forest. With a nickname of Suicide Forest, are you really surprised this place is on the list? People have been coming here to commit suicide for decades, and it’s become such a well-known spot that some people have even begun leaving creepy paraphernalia all around the forest to ward people off from entering it.

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