Crossy Road: 15 Fun Facts for your Gaming Arsenal (Part 1)

Crossy Road: 15 Fun Facts for your Gaming Arsenal (Part 1)

Most of us like to play a really fun game. Sometimes, this requires the game to be mindbogglingly awesome. Other times, it takes perfecting simplicity. Crossy Road is a simple gaming app anyone can enjoy. Here’s some facts about this greatly popular game you can keep in your arsenal.

Number Fifteen: It Was Inspired. If you’ve played Crossy Road, some of the inspirations are clear. The makers were inspired to make the game from popular classic games such as Frogger. Visually speaking, the game emulates Flappy Bird, which had a 2D, pixelated appearance. Together, you got a game with a cool look and an uncomplicated gameplay.

Number Fourteen: It’s Been Downloaded a Lot. It’s continually amazing to see so many people play these games, if you think about it. Since its release, the game has been downloaded over 200 million times on both iOS and Android platforms.

Number Thirteen: It’s Free. Besides being amazing fun, one of the reasons why so many people play Crossy Road is because its free. While there are ways you can make payments in the game, like when you want to unlock new characters, for instance, you don’t have to pay a dime if you don’t want to. This makes it super cool.

Number Twelve: It Was Made Quickly. Studio Hipster, the makers of the game, took only 12 weeks to form the game.

Number Eleven: It’s a Money Maker. Despite it being a repetitive, free-to-play game, the app itself has made a lot of money. In just the first two months of it being live, it made 1,000,000 dollars. Sort of makes you want to make a game like that if you had the resources, doesn’t it?

Number Ten: You Can Play As Almost Anything. One of the coolest things about Crossy Road is that you can play as so many characters. As you play the game, you have the ability to unlock different characters including Dracula, a kangaroo, and even a wizard. The game sometimes allows you to play other unlocked characters for a limited amount of time.

Number Nine: The Makers Didn’t Spend a Dime. When trying to get the game out there to the public, the makers didn’t have to spend any money. Amazingly, they garnered all the attention they needed by word-of-mouth. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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