Crossy Road: 15 Fun Facts for your Gaming Arsenal (Part 2)

Crossy Road: 15 Fun Facts for your Gaming Arsenal (Part 2)

Crossy Road: 15 Fun Facts for your Gaming Arsenal (Part 2)

If you are a fan of Crossy Road you know it’s a fun-packed, arcade-like game with endless play. If you don’t, keep on reading. Here are more fun facts you may not have known about this popular mobile app.

Number Eight: There’s a Lot of Characters. So far, the game has nearly 150 characters you can unlock and play. Often, these characters come with new maps as well, so it’s super cool.

Number Seven: It’s Endless. One of the most fundamental aspects of the game is that its endless. All you can do is avoid trying to get hit by a bus or train or picked up by an eagle for as long as you can. Initially, it was described as an “endless Frogger” and in a very fluid way, that’s exactly what it is.

Number Six: It Gives you Free Gifts. The game makers were not shy about giving its players gifts. When you first play, the game gives you the ability to unlock a new character quite early on. From the coins you collect by avoiding death, it becomes very easy to unlock so many more characters without spending hours at a time. Of course, if you want to play that much of it, well, go ahead.

Number Five: It’s Won Awards. Well, Crossy Road was a finalist for the Game of the Year Award the year it came out in 2014. Still, many sources have praised the game for its endless supply of fun, humor, and ability to make lunch breaks that much better. Despite it not winning that first year, in the next year, however, it was one of the winners of the Apple Design Awards, which is super cool.

Number Four: You Have to Keep Moving. One of the aspects of the game that keeps it exciting is the fact that it forces you to keep on moving. If you don’t, the eagle will come to swoop you up, and then it’s game over.

Number Three: It Doesn’t Take Much Space. Downloading the game only takes about 50 MB, which is barely anything these days. If you want to try out the game, you don’t have to give it too much room at all.

Number Two: Backtracking is an Option. Sometimes, endless games disallow its players from being able to go backwards at all. Crossy Road has no such limitation. If you need to, you can backtrack, as long as you do it quickly.

Number One: It Has No Music. We think this adds suspense to the gameplay. You do have plenty of sounds, though, which makes it come to life.

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