Cruz Rock Iyatola - Antidote (Official Music Video)

Cruz Rock Iyatola – Antidote

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Cruz Rock Iyatola just released his video for the song “Antidote“, and it is so great. From Miami, Florida, this gangster Latino music video is all the right kinds of gangster Latino. Iyatola has been receiving a lot of press in the past few years for being a top breakout Caribbean artist. He is especially popular in St. Croix and in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I personally have never been to the Virgin Islands, but after listening to this  music, I really want to go. The artist can trace his family roots back to Trinidad and Tobago, and his musical styles is also heavily influenced by this multi-ethnic Caribbean heritage. According to the bio page on his website, his love for music started at a young age because his father played in the local island salsa band. Isn’t it funny how musical ability gets passed down from generation to generation? Or it is the fact that Iyatola was raised in a musical atmosphere. His mother sang a lot of gospel songs, and his sister was also a great singer who performed at many local island events. On the other hand, Iyatola’s brother always adored reggae, which helped him to absorb the Jamaican culture and dialect. “My brother began listening to reggae music in the 90’s,” Iyatola explains. “He introduced it to me at an early age , being that I looked up to him I drew closer to the reggae music. I listened to Bob Marley and so many more legends in the Reggae industry.” I think it’s definitely clear that this singer/songwriter/music producer has a lot of passion. His music video is certainly over the top with certain machismo stereotypes, such as all of the rolling on the floor with strippers and money. But his solid musical ability makes up for any lack in taste.

Music by: Cruz Rock Iyatola
Produced by: Iyatola Records, Iyatola Films & Miami Film Kings

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