Against The Current feat. Set It Off: 'Uptown Funk' Music Video Review

Against The Current feat. Set It Off: ‘Uptown Funk’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Against The Current via YouTube

Courtesy of Against The Current via YouTube

Future Glamour Kills Spring Break ‘15 tour mates Set It Off and Against The Current have released a video for their collaborative cover of “Uptown Funk” originally by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. “Uptown Funk” has been all over the radio lately, so it is no surprise the two bands would decide to cover the track. The video features Against The Current’s full band consisting of vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri as well as Set It Off’s vocalist Cody Carson and guitarist/vocalist Dan Clermont.

Before Set It Off was Set It Off, Carson was rockmaniac89 on YouTube, posting cover songs from artists like All Time Low from the dorm room of his college in Ohio where he was studying music. YouTube helped connect him to All Time Low vocalist Alex Gaskarth who answered and approved Carson’s video request to sing “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” with the band (while coincidentally wearing a Glamour Kills shirt) at the Cleveland date of the AP Tour in 2008. YouTube would again be a catalyst in his musical endeavors as rockmaniac89 became a source for the announcement of the formation of Set It Off, tour video compilations and any major news throughout the first few years of the band’s existence. 

Fast-forward seven years later where Carson and company have released three EPs and two albums and are about to headline the upcoming Glamour Kills tour. The frontman has improved both his live full band performance style and ways of covering tracks, moving past the grainy acoustic renditions from his dorm room to full-on productions with high quality video and audio recordings.

Against The Current are also no strangers to covers as they have taken on Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better” with assistance from The Ready Set, Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun,” several Taylor Swift tracks and many other Top 40 darlings. These show far more effort than an acoustic rendition as well and can be seen peppered in between originals on the band’s YouTube channel.

The collaboration in the most recent video is relatively simple, concept wise, with the five musicians just performing the track from their perspective on a set full of lights. There may not be a personal twist like when Carson literally “nerded out” in his “Talk Dirty” cover video, but watching the band members jump around with excitement is pretty cool too. From the live performance to the in-between group shots consisting of clapping and dancing, it’s pretty clear they’re enjoying every minute of it, and listeners are bound to as well.

Carson and Costanza’s vocals blend just as well, if not, better than Mars and Ronson. Overall, their interpretation mixed with the drums and guitars give the upbeat track some much appreciated edge. As an added bonus, Clermont and Carson also play the trumpet and saxophone respectively, which is also not surprising for the duo who met in high school marching band and went on to form a band that regularly includes those influences.

Last year, Against The Current released their Infinity EP via, and Set It Off dropped their second full-length,Duality, via Equal Vision Records. Their “Uptown Funk” cover is also available for download via iTunes, and you can catch them both on the Glamour Kills Spring Break ’15 tour beginning in late February.

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