Cute Baby Baboon Falls From Tree And Immediately A Hungry Lioness Comes Running Towards Him, But What She Does Next Is Something Nobody Can Believe | PPcorn

Cute Baby Baboon Falls From Tree And Immediately A Hungry Lioness Comes Running Towards Him, But What She Does Next Is Something Nobody Can Believe

Cute Baby Baboon Falls From Tree And Immediately A Hungry Lioness Comes Running Towards Him, But What She Does Next Is Something Nobody Can Believe

This unique story is one of the most remarkable wildlife interactions that Paul Steyn, a famous multi-media producer for National Geographic, said that he would ever come across! When a lioness attacked a group of baboons, no one would believe that she would protect a baby baboon she captured by accident! Click thought the slideshow to see how a baby baboon and a lioness developed one strong bond that would amaze everyone! Don’t miss slides #17 & #14

20. A Lioness Approaching


It all started in norther Botswana, in Africa where two photographers were on a game drive. Little did they know that during their time in Africa, their cameras would capture a story that seems like it was ripped of “The Jungle Book”! It all started when a lioness approached a group of baboons… Click next to see what happened!

19. Lioness’ Attack

The group of baboons was followed by a lioness who was hunting and it seemed like she found her pray… When the baboons were in a clearing, the lioness realized that it was the perfect time to attack!. She charged and moments later it was clear that she was successful… But she would regret it immediately! Click next to find out why!

18. Mother Baboon



The lioness had captured a mother baboon and he was grabbing her dead body away from the other baboons. It appeared that her operation was a complete success until she noticed something moving below his prey…

17. A Baby Baboon!

It was a baby baboon! The poor soul that had just lost his mom was still clinging to her dead body…The baby was safe and sound but extremely terrified and shocked. He tried not to be noticed by the lioness but it seemed like that this wouldn’t going to happen…

16. She Noticed It

The lioness soon noticed the baby and she was completely surprised! The moment she tried to grab it with her teeth the baby let go from the body and started running. The two photographers feared for the worst…

15. Shelter In A Tree

The baby baboon was petrified and managed to climb a nearby tree and seek shelter from the lioness there but as it appeared the baby was still too young and week to stay on the tree and it started falling. The lioness approached…

14. Horror

The following seconds were horrifying for the photographers as well as for the baboon who was watching the lioness approaching slowly. Once the lioness approached the baby she seemed overly curious about the baby. The photographers thought that the lioness was playing with her food…

13. She Was Genuinely Curious

To everyone’s surprise, the lioness was genuinely curious about the baby and she didn’t have the intention to harm it. She started touching and petting the scared baboon while trying to help it relax. She even tried to play with it.

12. She Picked It Up

The baby baboon was still shocked, injured and exhausted after what happened, so the lioness decided to pick it up in her mouth and transfer it to a safe location. Her mother instinct just kicked in!

11. Photographers Weren’t Convinced

Obviously, up to this point the photographers weren’t one-hundred percent convinced that the lioness wouldn’t harm the baby. They decided to follow the lioness. They were still afraid and feared that the baby baboon would meet its fate at any moment. Just moments later, something happened that would completely convince them!


10. A Twist!

When the lioness laid on the ground with the baby baboon the photographers thought that this was the end of their story. Surprisingly again, the lioness was extremely gentle and protective towards the baboon. The photographers were completely sure now! Then this happened!

9. A Male Lion Approached

The baby baboon seemed less shocked and it was starting to trust the lioness. Our rather odd couple was relaxing when a male lion appeared… He was interested in the baboon!

8. The Lioness Repelled Them

Soon, other lions were approaching the sight out of curiosity and the lioness’ mother instinct kicked in again! She charged and successfully repelled all of the lions! She became aggressive towards them and they were pushed back immediately!

7. Would Do Everything

It was clear! The lioness was so sorry for the baby’s mother that she was willing to do everything to protect the baby baboon. It was the least she could do. She felt like a mother to it!

6. Someone Was Watching

During the all of these events, on a nearby tree, someone was watching… It was the little baboon’s father, who managed to escape the attack but didn’t abandon his baby. He stayed back with hopes of rescuing it!

5. The Right Moment


He was following the lioness and he was ready to ambush her and recapture his baby once again. He was just looking for the right moment!

4. He Got The Chance

He was cautiously monitoring the lioness moves and he waited until he noticed that he may had a chance! The lioness attention was shifted from the baboon to a nearby fight between two male lions!

3. He Recaptured The Baby

Hooray! He successfully managed to recapture his baby and return in back to safety. It was a fairly brave action by his side!

2. A Heroic Ending

After all, the baby baboon was reunited with his father after being captured by a lioness who protected instead of eating it! It was obvious to the photographers that they had capture one really strange story, with a heroic twist!

1. An Odd Couple

It seems that wildlife has a lot to teach us about love and compassion. It appears that after all, nature’s laws can be broken!


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