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Cute Dog Is Placed In Cage With Jaguar, But When The Jaguar Sees Him This Happens

Cute Dog Is Placed In Cage With Jaguar, But When The Jaguar Sees Him This Happens

Some friendships are far from conventional. In fact, many are downright weird. That seems to be the case with one adorable Jack Russell terrier and a huge jaguar. At first glance, you’d suspect that the dog would just be lunch for the jaguar, but upon further inspection you’ll see that things are not always what they seem.

20. Odd Pair

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Upon first glance, seeing a dog and a jaguar interact may not seem so settling. After all one is a ferocious wild cat and the other is playful domesticated creature. However, somehow the two of them have struck gold in the friendship department.

19. The Buddies

Image: Life With Dogs

Who in their right mind would ever think that such two different species would ever get along? Well, that seems to be the case with Jag the jaguar and Bullet the Jack Russell terrier. These two are inseparable and it’s a pretty crazy story to say the least…

18. Jag

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Jag first came to South Africa as a tiny cub. He was rescued and placed into the Akwaaba Lodge, an animal sanctuary. There, Jag quickly became best pals with his human caretaker.

17. Caretaker

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During his development, Jag and his caretaker were completely inseparable. Jag wanted to be around his human as much as possible. The only problem was that Jag was getting bigger and his caretaker knew that the friendship couldn’t continue in the same manner. After all, the two would practically fall asleep together.

16. New Solutions

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Even though the caretaker loved Jag, she knew she had to come up with a new solution for hm to be happy. Jag was only growing bigger and stronger and he needed the freedom and space to roam around and exercise. Finally, the caretaker came up with the perfect solution.

15. Bullet

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Jag’s caretaker immediately thought of Bullet, the friendly Jack Russel Terrier. She immediately thought that the two would hit it off and she was absolutely right. The two immediately became best friends.

14. Best Friends

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It was obvious that Bullet and Jag were meant to be best friends. The pair started to do just about everything together. They would eat, sleep, and play together and never got tired of each other.

13. Happy

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Jag’s caretaker was incredibly happy about the warm friendship shared between the two. However, she also began to realize that things would once again have to change. After all, Jag was about to mature into a full adult and was only continuing to get bigger and bigger.

12. Larger Enclosure

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Since Jag was getting bigger, he would no longer be able to hang out in the original enclosure that he was so used to. After all, it was getting far too small for him and he needed the extra room to move around and really stretch out his paws.  This was when everything changed!

11. Big Changes

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Soon it came time for Jag to be moved away to the new enclosure. Unfortunately this meant that Bullet and Jag would have to be separated. Jag was getting far too big and Bullet wasn’t meant to hang out in the larger enclosure with him.

10. Nervous


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The staff at the sanctuary were also nervous because of how massive Jag had become in comparison to Bullet. Jaguars are not domesticated animals and so everyone worried that Bullet might become dinner if he were left in the enclosure with Jag. However, them being separated turned out to be an awful decision.

9. Heartbroken

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Jag and Bullet were completely miserable without each other. Jag was so heartbroken that he spent the first night in the enclosure crying. Bullet would just sit outside of the enclosure’s door and look for a way in just to be able to hang out with his best friend.

8. Acknowledgment

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Jag’s caretaker immediately noticed how miserable the two animals were. She began to regret the decision to separate them. How could she have denied the two of them their friendship?

7. New Idea

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Jag’s caretaker decided that they would have to come up with a new idea in order to keep both animals happy. It was obvious that the two of them couldn’t stand to be away from each other. So she decided a reunion was necessary.

6. Reunited

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Finally, the day came for the pair to be reunited. Jag’s caretaker was excited to see what the two animal’s reactions would be. Would they be as happy as she hoped they would? Would the friendship continue as if nothing had gotten in between them?

5. Happiness

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Just as she had suspected, Jag and Bullet were incredibly happy to be reunited. The pair looked at each other were pure contentment in their eyes. There was no greater moment of joy for them or for Jag’s caretaker.

4. Best Buds

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The pair are still best friends and are loving every minute of it. The funniest part is that Jag isn’t even the alpha of the friendship pair. It turns out that little Bullet has a pretty big say in how things get done around the enclosure.

3. Dominant

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Despite being so much smaller than Jag, Bullet has managed to remain the more dominant one in the pairing. Jag seems to take his cues from Bullet and even though he knows he is stronger than the dog, Jag tries to be as careful as possible around him.

2. Lovely

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Watching this odd friendship bloom is definitely an eye-opening experience. Friendships are obviously much more complicated and interesting than we may be giving them credit for. After all, who would have expected a jaguar and a Jack Russel Terrier to be best friends?

1. Inspiring

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A story like Jag and Bullet’s is incredibly inspiring to us all. It shows us how friendships can bloom out of the most unlikely circumstances. Not to mention, we also begin to realize that animals aren’t as different from us as we might have thought.

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