Cygnets - Gallows

Cygnets – Gallows

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An eerie dancer hidden behind Noh mask provides the backdrop for the Cygnetsmusic video for “Gallows.” The mysterious dancer is clothed in a soft, white, over-sized silk shirt, which ripples dramatically, shot in slow motion, when the dancer moves. The white shirt as well as the dancer’s arms also serve as a surface for images of the band to be projected on. Opening lyrics, “Taking it to the gallow / eyes blind / dramatic,” perfectly match this stirring music video. Red and gold lights flash, but slowly, and the camera shots fade in and out. The view switches between the dancer and the Cygnets themselves, making their post punk, new-wave sounds on synth, guitar, and bass, their all-black clothes contrasting starkly with the white shirt and mask of the dancer. Occasionally the shots are interlaced with each other, creating a very surreptitious effect. You never see the band in full, so your curiosity is peaked, the video capturing and holding your attention to the end.

Official Credits:
Directed/edited by Simon Glassman
Director of Photography: Kris Wedgwood
Dancer: Ainsley Hillyard
Production Assistants: Adam Bentley, Simon Gorsak, Meagan Henderson, Ashley Kowal, Galen Winter Elliott Pendleton


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