Cymbals - Candy Bar (Official Music Video)

Cymbals – Candy Bar

The video seems to detail the travels of four anthropomorphic geometric shapes as you watch “Candy Bar” by Cymbals.  The colors are very vibrant in this two-dimensional video, almost like construction paper cut outs, which makes for a visually interesting, stylized clip.  It appears as if they are all going towards a body of water, and the scenes of their travels are interspersed with colorful tosses of paint splotches and silhouettes of the basic shapes they are modeled after – circle, square, rectangle, and triangle.  The environments also match the shapes traveling through them; the circle walks across round hills, the triangle walks through a forest of pointed trees, etc.  Eventually, each one makes a boat with a sail of the corresponding shape, but they all run into a storm and their boats capsize.  The video ends on a happy note with them all washing up on shore and finding each other though, so it s a feel good little short either way, and because of the way the visual medium is used, it is also a pretty unique looking video as well.

Directed by Dan W. Jacobs –
Label: Tough Love

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