Daft Punk: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Daft Punk: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Daft Punk is one of the most well-known electronic groups of all time. They’ve sold millions of records worldwide, and yet there is surely some information about the group that you don’t know. We covered some of the more obscure facts about Daft Punk in part one, and we’re going to continue here in part two.

Number Eight: Their Helmets Are Incredibly Expensive. The group is known for its unique aesthetic – and their signature helmets in particular. But did you know that they’re most than just for show? In fact, the cost $65,000, have a variety of digital features and were designed by Hedi Slimane of fashion leader Saint Laurent.

Number Seven: Their Masks Have Air Conditioning Systems. This makes sense since there are apparently a variety of electronic features to the masks. But a built-in tiny air conditioning system has to be the most impressive part.

Number Six: They Have Always Concealed Their Identity. But obviously, they couldn’t always afford the helmets. Early on their careers, they simply wore cheap masks – including ones of Beavis and Butthead, at one point.

Number Five: They Turned Down David Bowie. The iconic glam rocker once personally reached out to the group to request that they remix a song of his. It’s not known why they chose not to work with him, but it’s safe to say that they’re very particular artists.

Number Four: Barry Manilow Was an Early Influence. You probably won’t be able to hear it too easily on their records, but both members have admitted that the singer influenced their approach to music.

Number Three: Their Combined Net Worth is Far More than Any Other DJ. On his own, DJ Tiesto is actually the wealthiest DJ with $65 million, but together, Daft Punk are worth upwards of $120 million.

Number Two: Thomas Bangalter Helped Create the Huge 1998 Hit “Music Sounds Better With You.” The song is very well-known, as it was an international hit when it was released. It’s not by Daft Punk, but the group Stardust, which Tomas Bangalter is a part of.

Number One: Their Faces Haven’t Been Photographed in Twenty Years. Twenty years exactly, as of 2016 – 1996 was the last year they were publicly photographed. It is possible to find pictures of them from before then, but who knows if they would be recognizable from those photos today. Thanks for reading 15 things you didn’t know about Daft Punk!

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