Daisy Tattoo Design

Daisy Tattoo Design


Tattoos are everywhere nowadays and almost everyone have a tattoo design inked in their bodies. Daisy tattoo designs are among the most preferred designs among all genders. There are many different reasons why people love and use this tattoo.

Its because it makes a great tattoo design and is regularly incorporated with many intricate designs. There are many primary themes and symbolic meaning of this tattoo and in this article we will look at its meaning, symbolism and history.

Tattoo and Our Health

Being healthy is very crucial in our lives especially when getting a tattoo. Every tattoo lover must ensure their safety when they make the decision to get one.

There may be health risk involved when you are inked and have to take precautions. This is due to several condition that can occur such as a bacterial infection if the fresh tattoo is not well taken care off. Some people also have allergic reaction on their skin when they get inked which can be dangerous.

The risks can be short or long term but can be dealt with through proper health care.

Always ensure your tattoo artist is a certified professional and has a parlor that is approved by the government.

Once you get a tattoo ensure that you take care of it as advised to avoid infections. It is however not necessary for people to stop being tattooed as it is widely consider it as part of cosmetics. 

Symbolism and History of Daisy Tattoo

Daisies in general symbolize beauty, loyal love, patience, innocence, purity, simplicity and childhood.

The Daisy flower belongs to the Asteraceae family which is part of the largest flowering family. The flower is known to be at least four thousand years old. With many flowers being an integral part of tattoo design, it is almost impossible to ignore the beauty the daisy flower holds as a universal appeal for tattoo art.

In Christianity the daisy flower is a viewed as a sacred symbol of the Virgin Mary that signifies her grace and purity. It is also used as a sacred symbol to Freya, who is a Norse love goddess as a symbol of love, fertility and sensuality. In the west, Roman myth, the daisy is viewed as a symbol of chastity, simplicity and transformation. 

Meaning of This Tattoo in Our Life

Over the years, the daisy tattoo design has come to represent different concepts that depend on the various cultural and religious views a person holds. Generally the meaning of a daisy tattoo is a representation loyal love, innocence, purity, simplicity, sensuality and chastity.

While in other parts of the world it is associated with freshness, cleanliness, childhood and motherhood. You can also have it shaded in any favored color whether pink, grey, yellow, black and it will turn out great.


If you are planning to get a stunning daisy tattoos inked on your body then have an expert tattoo artist carry out the job.

The above article will enable you to know the meaning and symbolism of the daisy tattoo, which is a great design for anyone looking for a tattoo with a little bit of edge. Always pick the size and color of this tattoo that brings out your personality and emotions.

colorful daisy flower tattoo on the forearm    

black and grey daisy tattoo on the shoulder    

tiny daisy tattoo on the leg    

daisy flower and wheat tattoo on arm    

blackwork daisy tattoo on the forearm    

little daisy tattoo on the arm    

daisies with geometric elements tattoo on the forearm     

dotwork daisy flower tattoo on the arm    

dotwork daisy tattoo on the forearm    

cute daisies tattoo on the forearm for girl    

little daisy tattoo on the hip    

floral bouquet with daisies on the forearm    

daisy and ballerina tattoo idea on the arm    

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