Dale Earnhardt Jr: 15 Cool Facts (Part 1)

Dale Earnhardt Jr: 15 Cool Facts (Part 1)

Dale Earnhardt Jr: 15 Cool Facts (Part 1)


Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the son of the racing legend Dale Earnhardt. He was born in 1974 in North Carolina, and he has won the title of NASCAR‘s most popular driver 13 times in a row. Here are some things you may not have known about him.

Number Fifteen: His Grandfather Was Also a Driver

Everyone is already aware of Dale’s famous father, but his father was not the one who started the family in this sport. Ralph Earnhardt also did some professional driving and made a career of it in the ’50s.

Number Fourteen: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has a ‘Jewelry Phobia’

He was asked on television why he has not proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Amy Reimann. His response was that he has a jewelry phobia which has kept him from getting engaged or married.

Number Thirteen: He Didn’t Feel Like He Delivered For His Fans

Despite all his accomplishments, he doesn’t feel like he’s done enough. He claims his fans have been very loyal and supportive, but that there’s a lot more he needs to do to give them what they deserve.

Number Twelve: He Attributed His Success to His Dad

Dale was remained quite humble, even in the face of all that recognition. He has stated that it mostly has to do with his father, and he hopes he’s doing something right when it comes to representing the sport.

Number Eleven: Dale Only Read Half of a Book About Himself

It was written by someone else, and he didn’t even read the whole thing. He says that since he already lived all the experiences, the interest level was just not there for him to continue the book. He still thinks the author did a good job, though.

Number Ten: His Thoughts on Danica Patrick

Dale was asked what he thinks of Patrick’s success. He responded that she’s a woman, has a great personality, and is very assertive and determined, which is rare coming from a female in the sport.

Number Nine: He Has Called His Mom a ‘Smart Aleck’

Which he deems a good quality. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list of facts about this famous driver. Check back for part two of the article, coming soon.

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