Dale Earnhardt Jr: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)

Dale Earnhardt Jr: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)

Dale Earnhardt Jr: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)


We already brought you part one of this list of facts about Dale Earnhardt Jr. We learned that not only did he have a successful father in the same business as him, but also a grandfather. Here is part two of our informative list of facts about him.

Number Eight: His Crew Chief Changed His Perspective

He said that previous to working with Steve Letarte, he did not realize his entire potential. Letarte made him realize that trivial things were not so trivial after all.

Number Seven: He Resented Going to His Car Early

His management asked him to be at his car early in the mornings for practice. At first, he would grumble about this. Once he began doing it, he understood why it was necessary.

Number Six: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Found Being Popular Weird

Since he was never popular in high school, he finds it kind of strange and overwhelming now. He assumed that in high school, being the son of a racing legend would count in his favor, but it didn’t.

Number Five: The Prank on His Mother

When he lived on a lake, he had a boat that he kept at his mom’s house. He named it “SHESAHOOKER” because he knew that his mom would get embarrassed when her friends would ask why she called her boat that.

Number Four: Country Music Awards

NASCAR isn’t something one would connect with music, typically. However, Dale Earnhardt Jr. presented an award at one of their ceremonies.

Number Three: Giving Back to His Home State

Dale also does some business in the entertainment scene. He’s opened a bar/nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina called Whisky River. We’re guessing he’s a whiskey fan.

Number Two: More Than 200 ‘Wishes’

In 2010, a select group of athletes was named by Make-A-Wish for facilitating more than 200 “wishes” for kids fighting deadly diseases. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was one of these.

Number One: He Made More Than Any Other Driver in History

At one point, Dale became the most successful NASCAR driver ever. He currently has a net worth of $300 million. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about him.

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