Dance to This "Gabriel Ratchet" by Deca on Judgement Day

Dance to This “Gabriel Ratchet” on Judgement Day

Just by looking at the news today you can guess that the apocalypse is just around the corner.  Ice caps are melting, Hannah Montana is burning all of her clothes, and a plane that disappeared months ago still qualifies as breaking news.  I don’t mean to bring you down even more on a Monday but just to let you know that the imminent apocalypse may be a good thing to prepare for.  Luckily for you, the new music video “Gabriel Ratchet” by Deca offers a unique preview of the carnage to come.  While a visit to the complete destruction of Earth may be a heavier topic than usual on FDRMX, the visuals alone make it well worth the ride.

At first glance you may think that this article is about Gabriel Ratchet’s new song called Deca.  If you are thinking that then you are just as ignorant as I was starting this video.  While Webster’s Dictionary defines “Gabriel Ratchet” as the ominous sound of a bunch of geese, it is derived from the sound of Archangel Gabriel’s trumpet being blown on judgment day.  I’ve always wanted to start a writing with a Dictionary reference, and now that day has come.  But most interesting about the definition is the hint that Gabriel’s Ratchet may be something to celebrate on judgement day.  As if something truly wonderful is about to happen.  Like no more Mondays ever again.


 The video is a collaborative effort from Rapper Deca and fellow musician Steven Mertens.  While Mertens does much of the heavy lifting with the video by acting as animator and illustrator, both he and Deca originated the concept from Deca’s newly released single.  The video follows a world of doodles and paper cutouts as they do their very best to interpret the apocalypse and freak the holy hell out of the viewer.  That’s not to say that the apocalypse is all bad.  Many exciting scenarios develop from the end of the world as each paper cutout embarks on a very exciting journey.

There is quite a lot of religious symbolism in this video (duh).  While this may leave some scratching their heads with what’s going on, the random biblical quotes and pastoral readings help set context for those outside the loop.  Being raised a catholic I recognized quite a few common symbols throughout the video (yet still failed to know what Gabriel’s Ratchet was), so those with a deeper understanding of christian themes will have a surer footing.  Even if many of the references fly over your head, you can still enjoy the unique animation style as Deca take you on a journey throughout time and space.
Mertens and Deca do their best to make the images coordinate well with the music.  At times it feels as if Deca is narrating exactly what he wants Mertens to draw, resulting in a serious fever dream for the viewer.  Best of luck to those who view this video, because its one wild experience you will not want to take your eyes off of.

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