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Dancing Corgi Taking The Internet By Storm!

In the past we’ve seen some pretty incredible animals taking over the internet. But it’s possible that this corgi has broken new boundaries as we all “aww” in unison at his dancing skills! You’re not gonna want to miss this!

20. His Name Is Paul


It’s not often that you see a dog actually dance, but that’s exactly what this little corgi can do! And his story is just as incredible.

19. As Per Usual


Most of the time when you see a dog “dancing” online, they are really just moving around for a treat or to get rid of a flea. Absolutely no skill involved…boo!

18. Paul Is One Of A Kind


That said, Paul is the real deal. He isn’t a put on that’s acting for the camera. He really enjoys dancing with his beloved owner.

17. There May Be More


A couple of years ago, people were in love with this boy and his dog that loved to dance. But he seemed to enjoy dancing in a way different than Paul.

16. Just Like We Practiced


Paul is a special dog and his dancing is more rehearsed than moved by his own soul like the previous dog. Both are impressive, but…there’s something about Paul.

15. He’s Already Famous


If you adore this champ then you can follow him right now on Instagram @paulthecorgi. He updates us as to how he’s doing on a daily basis!

14. Where Did He Come From?



As an introduction to Paul, we’d like to look back at his very first Instagram photo captioned, “mornings with Paul.” Isn’t he adorable?

13. Mommy’s Little Helper


Since then, he has been seen regularly posting photos with his owner. “Helping” her get everyday tasks done. Or at least, he thinks he’s helping. Don’t spill that coffee, bud.

12. Not Into Crowds


Rumor has it, he only speaks to his owner and is otherwise completely antisocial. It’s hard to believe it, but most dogs look so friendly on the internet.

11. Something Smells Strange


There’s art in the photos taken of Paul. We know that the photographer stages very well-done photographs. However, that doesn’t mean Paul isn’t just as talented. He’s a freakin’ supermodel.

10. Our Favorite!


Here’s one of Paul’s best photos yet. It shows him off as the pampered pooch that he is. He has his own fur and makeup team, which is more than most of us can say!

9. Our Dog Crush


Although he was famous before, his fame heightened just recently! On May 14th, Paul had become so popular that he was featured on Dog Milk as the Instagram Crush of the Day!

8. That Fated Day


Now although Paul was a fan favorite before, his biggest time didn’t come until May 20th, 2018 when a man named Clint Falin posted a video of him on Twitter.

7. Let’s Hear It For Clint


Clint Falin is known for sharing the best videos of the most adorable dogs. He claims to be the “Found of Christian Mingle for Gay Dogs.”

6. The Ferocious Beagle

But he’s more than someone who trademarks things that don’t exist. He shares joy, making each and every one of our days.

5. Going To AGT


This Day in May is when we learned that Paul was more than just a devoted corgi. He had a hidden talent that not many of us knew dogs could have!

4. Literally Waiting For AGT


A few years ago, a group of dogs actually won America’s Got Talent with their act. Now they’re making millions with their own show in Vegas! We know that Paul could do the same!

3. Tappity, Tap!


Paul the Corgi is now known as the best tap-dancer in the country! All thanks to a video posted by a lover of dogs!

2. The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For


Just 12 hours after @clintfalin shared a video of Paul dancing with his owner, the video had gained over 350,000 views! That’s nearly a record for dogs on Twitter!

1. You Don’t Want To Miss This!

And here he is! Showing off his skills as he goes on his daily walk to play fetch! The world is now more in love with Paul than ever.

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