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Dashboard Confessional Announces First Album in 8 Years

Dashboard Confessional Announces First Album in 8 Years

Dashboard Confessional hasn’t released a new album since 2009’s After the Ending, but the band has just announced that a new album is coming in 2018. Titled Crooked Shadows, the album will be released through the record label Fueled by Ramen on February 9, 2018. The “comeback” album has already seen the release of its first single, “We Fight,” a song dedicated to the current political climate of today. In “We Fight,” Chris Carrara and crew sing about the need to stay strong through struggles.

The band published We Fight on YouTube, and frontman Caraba gave an interview to Billboard on the upcoming release, stating“America started to feel really regressive,” hence why they decided to write and record the song.

A track list for Crooked Shadows was also released and you can stream We Fight on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon, or you can download it on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Crooked shadows will be available in CD and vinyl and digital.

  1. We Fight
  2. Catch You
  3. About Us
  4. Heartbeat Here
  5. Belong
  6. Crooked Shadows
  7. Open My Eyes
  8. Be Alright
  9. Just What To Say

After coming on the scene in 2000 with the LP Swiss Army Romance, Dashboard Confessional made waves in the mainstream with 2002’s “Screaming Infidelities,” a breakup anthem for the em set. The single, a breakout hit, won the MTV2 Award at the MTV Video Music Awards and put Carrabba on the path to music success. That same year Dashboard Confessional appeared on MTV Unplugged,and the recording, MTV Unplugged 2.0, went platinum. The band followed that up with a song, “Vindicated,” for the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack in 2003, followed by several subsequent album releases.

The band was working on the album After the Ending in 2008 when Carrabba’s sister suffered a devastating car accident that put her in a coma for several months. She recovered though the process was long and difficult, and he kept making music. After the release of After the Ending, the album took on a different emotional tone considering his family’s experiences, many critics noted.

In 2017, the band released an ep titled Covered and Taped, a selection of 4 covers by the likes of Julianne Baker and yes, seriously, Justin Bieber. Now fans can finally have some new music to enjoy — the band is also on tour throughout 2017-2018, so it’s likely we’ll hear some of these new tracks on the tour set lists. Find the tour dates below for now through December.

  • Friday 01 December 2017
  • Dashboard Confessional with Paramore
  • The Rave/Eagles Club, Milwaukee, WI, US
  • Saturday 02 December 2017
  • Dashboard Confessional With Imagine Dragons
  • 1stBANK Center, Broomfield, CO, US
  • Monday 04 December 2017
  • Dashboard Confessional with I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
  • The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Wednesday 06 December 2017

  • Dashboard Confessional with Walk the Moon
  • Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK, US

Thursday 07 December 2017

  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Delmar Hall, St Louis, MO, US


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