David Bowie Hints at New Music

David Bowie Hints at New Music

David Bowie Hints at New Music - FDRMXPhoto Courtesy of the Guardian

David Bowie just promised new music to come. The artist formerly known as Ziggy Stardust casually mentioned “more music soon” in a brief speech at a charity event (held in his honor) in London this week. Cryptic as ever, Bowie has yet to give any specifics about any new releases. Nonetheless, fans are on the lookout for signs of music to come. Bowie’s spokesperson has confirmed that the rocker has indeed written the statement. His message in full went like this:

This city is even better than the one you were in last year, so remember to dance, dance, dance. And then sit down for a minute, knit something, then get up and run all over the place. Do it. Love on ya. More music soon. David.

While we’re not sure about the knitting bit, the promise of more Bowie tunes is exciting. His last album, The Next Day, was released last year, after a 10 year hiatus from producing any records. Bowie has previously hinted at a new album-most recently in April during a speech praising Columbia chairman Rob Singer, saying “When he asked me if I minded if he took a few Saturdays off from his duties as percussionist on my new album this year.”  We’re hoping a new album release leads to a tour, and in an ideal world, an appearance at Glastonbury 2015.  Our iconic Starman has a habit of sending the public cryptic messages. However, he’s managed to stay relevant in the music industry for over 4 decades, proving himself to be a visionary and adaptable musician each time. The ultimate cliche is that David Bowie is a musical chameleon-but it’s as true as it is over-used, and he’s sure to impress critics with any new releases in the next year or so. What else can you expect from someone who’s played the role of a vampire, a magician, a Goblin king, and a WWII  officer, all while forging ahead as an androgynous, international rock-star and creating 26 studio albums. We’ll eagerly await any more musical tidbits from Bowie to add to the FDRMX Encyclopedia of Music.

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