David Cook at the Gramercy Theatre: Event Review

David Cook at the Gramercy Theatre: Event Review

David Cook - Gramercy Theater - Event Review - FDRMX

Rocker David Cook graced the stage with his presence this past Tuesday at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Eager middle-aged women fought with one another to get the best “seat” in the house. The venue was packed in an instant. But before the female-dominated audience could take out their cellular devices and Instagram the best night of their lives, opening act Glint took to the stage first.

Glint is a New York-based electronic rock project founded by producer and singer-songwriter Jase Blankfort. Blankfort and his music crew caught my attention immediately. The frontman and multi-instrumentalist was extremely energetic, which was admirable – for me, at least. The frontman was living the moment in every song. Sadly, half of the audience wasn’t paying any attention. What is so important on Facebook that you could not appreciate the band’s great effort to play their songs for you live? Glint deserved way better, and if David Cook wanted them to open for him, I think the crowd should have been paying more attention. If Cook appreciates them, then you should appreciate them, too. Am I right?

Glint’s 30-minute set was over, and the lights turned back on. We waited for about half an hour for David Cook and his band to get ready. Time was up, and the crowd became so animated as they roared and yelled for David Cook. The front row couldn’t grasp reality as this was the perfect time to pull out the phones and share the experience on social media. The lights were unbelievable. It felt like being on Space Mountain in Disney World, but better. Beams of light shot through the crowd and the band members positioned themselves at their battle stations. David Cook walked on that stage with confidence and stood his ground as the knees in the crowd started to melt. This was it. This was the moment that we have all been waiting for. And may I say, that half hour was totally worth the wait.

David Cook began his set with “Paper Heart.” Immediately, the crowd began singing along to the next track, “Declaration.” Cook’s raspy vocals were on point as he sang his powerful ballads while sporting a denim jacket. Damn, he looked good in that jacket. Hands were clapping, guitar strings were strumming and drums were hit loud and hard. Every song had an epic ending. With background vocals from the drummer and piercing guitar solos, the music was nothing but pure amazement.

Cook’s set was being televised on Yahoo!, which explained the amount of video cameras everywhere. Next, he kept it raw, introducing the next song. But before he did, he tuned his guitar and said, “We’re live and I’m tuning my guitar.” He made plenty of witty remarks throughout the show and asked if the live stream was going to be edited. Things began to slow down as he sang “Fade Into Me,” which transitioned beautifully into “The Time of My Life.” Afterwards, he resumed to the rock ’n roll vibe that got the crowd totally insane. His rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” was the best thing I have ever heard. It was so raw and sexy that even my knees started to melt.

It was an awesome experience in the end. The former American Idol has grown so much over the years, and he’s going to be even bigger in the years to come. The entire set list includes: “Paper Heart,” “Declaration,” “I Did It For You,” “The Last Goodbye,” “Laying Me Low,” “Fade Into Me,” “The Time of My Life,” “Heroes,” “I’m Gonna Love You,” “Kiss and Tell,” 3 seconds of “Free Bird,” “Billie Jean,” “Eyes on You,” Come Back to Me,” “Light On,” and “Wait For Me.”

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