Dawn Rebel - Knowledge (Official Music Video)

Dawn Rebel – Knowledge

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Dawn Rebel’s music video for “Knowledge” it set in two opposite environments; the beautifully blue ocean and the arid brown desert. The camera shots interchange, cutting between a young man swimming underwater, completely submerged, and shots of him stumbling through a thirsty, rock-strewn terrain. Halfway through the song, the reggae beat kicks up a notch, and electric guitar joins the previously lonely acoustic guitar. At this moment, another character enters the desert scene. We don’t see him fully, only that he is armed. He handcuffs the other man, who has passed out face-down flat on a rock. The antagonist, who is in a blue shirt, pulls the first man up, after blindfolding him with a black bag over his head. As he forces the first man onward, we see that the second man is only a boy, half the size of the first guy. He edges the grown man to the precipice of a cliff – and the grown man jumps, landing in the cool blue water we saw him swimming in earlier shots.

Music and Lyrics – Dawn Rebel
Director and DoP – Pavlos Stamatis
AD and Production Manager – Chrysanthos Margonis
Props – Dimitris Panagopoulos
Cast – Anastasis Papaevangelou, Elysseos Christodoulou

Facebook: facebook.com/DawnRebel

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