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Day 3: Glastonbury Music Festival

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The five-day summer music festival taking place near Pilton, Somerset, England, has commenced. Organized by Michael Eavis on his own land, Worthy Farm, Glastonbury has become the largest green-field music and arts festival in the world, with around 175,000 people in attendance. Today marks the third day of this year’s fest (from Wednesday June 25th, till Sunday June 29th), and it is already a muddy mess.

Viewers were treated to a surprise opening act from The Kaiser Chiefs for the first full day of music on the Other Stage, their appearance unexpected since they were already set to headline on Friday night on the John Peel Stage.

“Glastonbury sing along if you know the words,” frontman Wilson said, “If you don’t, sing along anyway.” He launched into “Every Day I Love You Less and Less” while the rain that had been coming down all morning finally let up. “Look at what the weather’s doing,” said Wilson. “Are we going to stick two fingers up to the sky?”

The band was stoked to be playing, even early in the rainy weather. “It’s the first time I’ve ever played at Glastonbury,” the band’s new drummer Vijay Mistry told BBC after they came off stage. “It was unbelievably nuts. It’s cool to know you’ve kicked things off. It’s cool to get people buzzing for the rest of the day.”

The headlining band for the Pyramid Stage today will be Arcade Fire. “The positive thing about having more people is you get this energy where people really go for it,” the band’s frontman Win Butler said. “It’s a great gig, and I think there’s a lot of goodwill because of what it means culturally. For kids in high school it’s like this rite of passage.”

Skrillex will be topping the bill for the Other Stage today, and other acts for Friday include Lily Allen, Paolo Nutini, Blondie, De La Soul, Rudimental, and Sheeran. Unfortunately the rain prediction is looking rather ominous.

With the first surprise of the day over, audience members are speculating on who else will be popping up over the weekend Rumours include David Bowie and Jonathan Ross (both of whom are on Arcade Fire’s new album, so it would stand to reason if they showed up). Coldplay, The Libertines and Radiohead are also suspected of popping up later. For the rest of the weekend we have Dolly Parton, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, Elbow, Jack White, Robert Plant (a rumored on-stage collaboration between those two is also making the rounds), Metallica, Pixies, Kasabian Sam Smith, and Massive Attack to look forward to.

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