Dead Ghosts - Summer With Phil (Official Music Video)

Dead Ghosts – Summer With Phil

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Summer With Phil” by Dead Ghosts starts off with a man laying on his back and foaming at the mouth, so you know right off the bat it’s going to get freaky. While smoking in his living room, he discovers a new friend – a large worm-like creature that crawls out of his stomach, wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette. He immediately pops the dude in his jacket and takes him for a bike ride. The buddies venture off to El Matador State Beach to play. He carries the worm on his shoulder as he splashes in the waves and digs in the sand. Next, they end up in a bar, but when the bartender finds that the worm has left slime on the counter, he kicks them out. Mr. Worm saves the day by glowing a hypnotic blue, which hypnotizes everyone in the bar to start dancing. After that, they head to the Angeles National Forest to take in the view of the mountains and do some rock climbing. When they camp out for the night, someone tries to steal the worm. Luckily, he glows his magic blue again and makes his captor dance his way out of there. At the end, the worm crawls back into the man’s stomach, and he screams and sobs that his friend is no longer there.

Directed by Jonny Look
Produced by Chris Mast
E.P. – Ryan Keller
Cinematography by Chris Westlund
Puppet and FX by Bryan Fulk
Production Design by Lauren Malizia and Mandy Cheng
Post FX and Color by Josh Cole
1st AC – John Heeg
2nd AC – John Note
Gaffer – Lucas Pitassi
Starring – Cory Howard, Brad Smith, Calder Holbrook, Kristin Erickson


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