The 10 Deadliest Creatures of All Time

The 10 Deadliest Creatures of All Time

The 10 Deadliest Creatures of All Time

Not all animals are cute and cuddly. These 10 deadliest creatures of all time won’t be found in any pet stores near you, and if you do come in contact with them, you’ll want to run away – far, far away. Use this list as a guide to the 10 animals you want to avoid at all costs.

Number Ten: Ascaris Roundworm. The Ascaris roundworm leads to 2500 deaths per year. It is the largest roundworm found in humans and causes a disease called ascariasis, which turns humans into a host for the worm and leads to an extremely painful and brutal death.

Number Nine: Crocodiles. Crocodiles are responsible for nearly 2500 deaths per year. The mandibles of a crocodile can impart nearly 5,000 pounds of force. They are extremely stealthy and difficult to spot in nature.

Number Eight: Scorpions. Scorpions lead to 3,000 annual deaths. Scorpions sting humans as a defense mechanism, so it is important to avoid territories containing scorpions when possible.

Number Seven: Freshwater Snails. Freshwater Snails cause 10,000 deaths per year. Snails can become pets and are sometimes eaten, but they are also home to a flatworm parasite called blood flukes. Blood flukes cause numerous disease in humans.

Number Six: Assassin Bugs. Assassin bugs are responsible for 10,000 deaths per year. Like freshwater snails, assassin bugs carry a parasite that is fatal to humans.

Number Five: Tsetse Flies. Tsetse flies are known for their deadly properties and cause up to 10,000 deaths per year. The bite from a tsetse is responsible for the spread of African Sleeping Sickness.

Number Four: Domestic Dogs. Domestic dogs cause 25,000 annual death. Though they are cute and can be properly trained, they can also behave like a murder weapon. What makes domestic dogs so dangerous is rabies. When infected with rabies, domestic dogs are significantly more likely to attack humans.

Number Three: Snakes. Snakes are responsible for a whopping 50,000 deaths per year. Interestingly, both venomous and non-venomous snakes can lead to human deaths as non-venomous snake bites often get infected when untreated. These bacterial infections quickly escalate and lead to death.

Number Two: Mosquitos. Mosquitos are an unaware killer, leading to one million deaths per year. Just by feeding on humans, mosquitos infect humans with a variety of diseases, including West Nile and malaria.

Number One: Humans. Each year, more than two million people die from suicide, murder, alcohol, tobacco, murder, or neglect. We truly are our own worst enemies.

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