Dear Christina Aguilera: Let There Be ‘Blonde’

Dear Christina Aguilera: Let There Be ‘Blonde’

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Only recently, a photo showing a tracklist of Christina Aguilera’s rumored latest album called Blonde surfaced online. Based on the leaked photo, Christina Aguilera collaborated with several artists including Pharell Williams, Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, A Great Big World and The Voice Season 5 runner-up Jacquie Lee. Producers include Sia, Claude Kelly and DJ Premier, who have all previously worked with Christina Aguilera on her previous records. Interestingly, the photo shows that other than the Deluxe Edition, there will also be a Latin Edition.

If the photo will grant the wishes of Fighters for new Christina Aguilera music, then Blonde is set to be a real return of the “Beautiful” hitmaker to musical prominence. The record, based on the given details, is a mixture of everything that made Christina’s previous records such a hit, both commercially and critically.

Sia entered mainstream music prominence because of Christina Aguilera’s album Bionic. She helped Christina create gems like “I Am” and the severely underrated “You Lost Me.” DJ Premier, on the other, made Back To Basics a trademark album for Christina, while Claude Kelly worked on both Bionic and LotusThe artists mentioned on the rumored Blonde album can definitely guarantee production excellence, while hitmakers Rihanna, Pharell Williams and Iggy Azalea can help Christina slay the charts worldwide once again. Intrestingly, the addition of A Great Big World can duplicate Christina’s success in indie music like what happened in “Say Something.” A track with Jacquie Lee, on the other hand, will show Christina’s dedication to her artists from The Voice. It will also cement Christina’s ability to discover potential stars, like what she did when she recorded a song with A Great Big World, as well as Season 2 The Voice finalist Chris Mann.

There is still no confirmation from Christina Aguilera’s team whether or not Blonde is a hoax. However, if this is true, there is no doubt that Fighters around the world are really anticipating the projected Christina domination in 2015. The singer is set to return on the coaching panel of The Voice come February, and there is still hope that Broadway 4D will push through. So, regardless if Blonde is real or not, Christina Aguilera should speak soon and ought to tell the world the good news that is her new music. Blonde or not, Christina’s music must arrive soon.

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