Dear Reader - Took Them Away (Official Music Video)

Dear Reader – Took Them Away

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Dear Reader depicts heavy themes in their video for “Took Them Away.” The song tells the story of a young girl in the 1800s who visits her friend’s farm. She is out playing when she steps into the barn and suddenly sees a black servant having sex with one of the white women in her friend’s family. She later tells her father what she has seen, a well-intentioned act that has startling implications for the man. The next day, he is violently taken away by the authorities with outstretched hands and a scream. The woman he had been with is wretchedly heartbroken. After the incident, the young girl begins to feel like she may not have done the right thing after all. The lyrics explain that night after night, she continues to ask her father “How was I to understand?” and “How could I know?” The video follows the story word for word, and enhances the horror of the situation with every detail.

Director: Rob Savage
Producer: Ben Burdock
Director of Photography: David Mackie
Editor: Riccardo Servini
Production Coordinator: Genia Sophie Krassnig
1st AD: Mark Lacey
2nd AD: Gui Oliveira
3rd AD: Char Hill
Focus Puller: Brad Larner
Camera Assistant: James Chegwyn
DIT: Riccardo Servini
Gaffers: Alex Smith, Kit Mackenzie
Grip: Paul Hymns
Sparks: Hugh Donnelly, Sam Fahy, Raoul Schoisengeier, Christopher Christmas Starky
Production Designer: Niina Topp
Art Director: Katie MacGregor
Art Director’s Assistant: Samantha Sheldrake
Art Department Assistant: April Ibinceanu
Wardrobe Stylist: Charlotte Young
Make Up Artist: Charlotte Kraftman
VFX Supervisors: Brad Wood, Dougie Haynes
Colourist: James Drew
Runners: Kenn Kalvik, Will Entwistle, Stephanie Dewhirst, Alex Sedgley
Label: City Slang
Thanks: The Mill, Panavision, Panalux and Westminster University


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