Decorate your bedroom with some unusual mirrors

Decorate your bedroom with some unusual mirrors

Mirrors add double visual impact, light and energy to a room. Mirrors are a bedroom necessity, but when it comes to style they often fall by the wayside. Mirrors have seen a lot of evolution in the recent years and have successfully gained huge popularity. A good mirror creates drama in a simple space, adds light and depth to a room that is dimensionally challenged. It puts a finishing touch to a lovingly crafted interior. Acrylic Mirror suppliers have compiled a list of top 10 unique bedroom mirrors.

House Doctor DK Black Framed Mirror With Shelf

This mirror comes with a shelf at the bottom which helps to store potions and lotions, this classy and beautiful blend of vintage and contemporary design in simple white, black, wood or linen is sure to increase the value of your bedroom.

Stockholm Mirror

This mirror looks far more stylish compared to its price tag. The frame of this mirror slopes at the bottom and forms a ledge, which is big enough for a small vase.

Small Round Copper Hanging Mirror

Hanging mirrors are common and can be found everywhere at the moment. Its leather versions have a charm of its own. The sleek copper finish has a porthole, nautical feeling in itself.

White Beaded Antique Mirror

This French styled arch mirror comes with beading detail and has a white wood finish, which is slightly distressed; it looks perfect above a mantelpiece. Black and gold finishes are also available in standing full-length version.

Kartell Only Me Mirror

Phillip starck’s designed Kartell Only Me Mirror comes with a transparent polycarbonate frame, which has several bright jewel colors. You can hang the Fuschia, white, emerald green in a row if your budget permits.

Brunel Lean Mirror With Hanging Space

Designed by British designer Rob Scarlett this standing mirror has made many appearances on Pinterest. Storage enthusiasts love its shelf and hanging space. The glass is tilted slightly upward, giving it an aristocratic look.

Eichholtz Dominion Mirror Rustic

This wooden mirror is a Moroccan style shaped and has been designed by the Dutch brand. It fits perfectly in a bohemian inspired room. It features a wide beveled edge around the glass.

Dassin Reclaimed Mirror

It has been made with reclaimed wood and is a unique piece with a varying dimension. This mirror is quite accessible when it comes to price, which makes this one a great piece for renters or first time homeowner.

Floating Wood Floor Mirror

A large leaning mirror can add dimension and drama to a room, they are also perfect for renters who have fussy landlords and don’t allow any wall hanging mirrors. This mirror is 183 cm tall.

Elements Optimal Ice Cream Mirror

This mirror injects fun into your kid’s room with its unusual lolly shape with wooden stick and rose gold blocking. It is also designed by a Danish brand. This mirror goes brilliantly with ice cream pastels.

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