In Defense of Prince Harry The Feminist

In Defense of Prince Harry the Feminist

In Defense of Prince Harry the Feminist

Everyone is familiar with The Royal Family. Whether you live in England or across the pond in the United States, Prince William and Prince Harry are most likely familiar to you. Since they were young boys, many have followed their successes, their mistakes, and their overall growth as famous individuals.

Today, many admire Prince William for his leadership skills, his parenting skills, and his wife, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. In the news, Prince William is portrayed as the ideal male figure. Not much is heard of his younger brother, Prince Harry. Prince William seems to steal the spotlight. Although Prince Harry was in the military, he had previously been labeled as the “wild one.” He was known for his rebellious behavior and his relationships with so-called “party girls.” However, now, Prince Harry is no longer the wild child. That label has finally been stripped. Instead, Prince Harry has gained another label: a feminist. Is there a crown for that?

Many celebrities are feminists and have been very vocal about it: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Lena Dunham, Demi Lovato, Amy Poehler, Ellen Page, Claire Danes, and Miley Cyrus have all spoken up. However, these feminists are all women. It’s not surprising that some men refuse to call themselves feminists; there are many stereotypes that come with the term, and at times it even has a negative connotation. Some men do not want to experience the stereotypes, the judgments, and the negativity that come with this title. Prince Harry, on the other hand, is one of the male celebrities that answers yes when asked if he’s a feminist.

Prince Harry has recently destroyed his “wild child” image for a more respectable image, and I think his mother would be proud. While his older brother focuses on the duties of being a father in the Royal Family and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry focuses on himself as a feminist.

Prince Harry is a public advocate of feminist issues; he supports women’s equality and believes that women are strong individuals who can do everything and anything. As a feminist, Prince Harry boldly addresses men and their treatment of women. He believes that women deserve to be treated with respect, not only sometimes, but all the time. Prince Harry tells men that they need to acknowledge this. Men, like women, need to advocate for women’s rights. They need to follow Prince Harry’s lead. Prince Harry is no longer just the younger brother in The Royal Family. He is Prince Harry the feminist, and he is doing great things.

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