Degiheugi - Un Jour Comme Un Autre (Official Music Video)

Degiheugi – Un Jour Comme Un Autre

French DJ and producer Degiheugi’s video for “Un Jour Comme Un Autre” focuses on landscape and the passage of time. The video begins slow, dark, and mysterious, encapsulating this smooth yet disjointed song perfectly. All scenes of the video use time lapsing methods to give a sense of flowing chronology.
It begins in the night, or wee hours of the morning, and with the camera fixed to the sky, we see the transition from the full moon to sunrise. Clouds, fog, and smoke are the video’s next focal point, and, when accelerated, they seem to consciously dance along to the rhythm. We transition again from day to night, and beautiful shots of some of the most seemingly mundane aspects of nature take on new life in the context of this piece. Shadow is the focus of the video’s latter half, and once again, through the use of time lapsing, they appear to take on a life of their own, moving in time with the song. The video concludes in the very same way — set to the very same sky — in which it began, and the clouds retreat past the trees along with the music.

Album: Dancing Chords and Fireflies (2012)…
Réalisation: Christophe Thockler
4’33 min – Stop motion / Video
– More than 35 000 photos
– 120 timelapses
– 160 hours of shooting

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