DeJ Loaf Brawls at BET Awards

DeJ Loaf Brawls at BET Awards

Rapper DeJ Loaf is a newcomer in the American hip-hop elite scene. This year was her first time to attend the BET Awards, but the event was not all roses for DeJ Loaf, who brawled with two former managers during her soundcheck on Saturday. During a rehearsal at the Nokia Theatre, she was confronted by the managers, who came to the theatre unannounced and of their own accord. DeJ Loaf had switched management a week previously.

Loaf’s brother and her new managers were present, and in the ensuing fist fight, one of the old managers got a cut on his forehead and had to be taken to a nearby hospital for stitches. His identity has not been disclosed to the press.

DeJ Loaf is from Detroit. The details of the altercation remain unclear, but Loaf went forward with her performance as scheduled. Most parties involved have, as of yet, declined to comment. Loaf herself tweeted to her fans on Saturday night, “‘You’re so beautiful’ -everyone today.” No mention of the fistfight.

Sources report that Loaf was not physically involved in the brawl. A cursory review of old tweets from earlier in this month, reveals that Loaf had been trying to ditch her old managers for a while now, and that they were fighting to keep her. Probably because she is very talented and will most likely make a lot of money. Loaf began her music career in 2011 with the release of her debut album Just Do It. She is a nursing school dropout and a rising star in the American hip-hop scene. Her former record label, IBGM (I Been Gettin’ Money) is also based in Detroit, and they played a big role in helping her grow from local to national recognition. However, these are the same guys who confronted her during her soundcheck on Saturday at the BET Awards.

Loaf is currently signed to Columbia Records. Her real name is Deja Trimble. In high school she played basketball, and her stage name “Loaf” is a reference to the shoes, “loafers.” She has also received help and recognition from such artists as Drake and Trick Trick.

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