Delta Airlines: 7 Crucial Facts You Didn’t Know

Delta Airlines: 7 Crucial Facts You Didn’t Know

Delta Airlines: 7 Crucial Facts You Didn’t Know

Delta has become a behemoth airline in the modern day, but how much research do you really do when you fly Delta? Don’t worry, we have found all of the crucial information about this company that you will want to know! To learn all about this airline big boss, all you have to do is scroll on!

Number Seven: Delta has Amazing Customer Service

The Delta Airlines corporate team works to make sure that their team is able to “do anything” for a customer above all. Serving as a main portion of their customer service department, the company’s social media lab is worked around the clock to offer the best services to its loyal customers. The “DeltaAssist” team corresponds to a whopping 3,100 tweets daily. This team is trained with a special three-day course to accomplish this, and they take pride in what they do.

Number Six: A Destination for Flying Fanatics

If you really love airplanes and everything that Delta has to offer, you might enjoy a visit to the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum. The destination offers souvenir photos on the flight deck, an extensive array of historical aviation technology, and the nose of the company’s first Lockheed L-1011 which sports a unique gift shop.

Number Five: Entering the Industry

Like any now-booming company, this airline started out small. They first appeared in 1924, as an aerial crop dusting service by the name of Huff Daland Dusters. This business was highly profitable, especially as boll weevils caused panic among American farmers in the early 1900s. After Huff joined with scientist Wollman, engineer of the lead arsenate powder, the company thrived.

Number Four: Major Changes

Dusting crops remained to be a huge source of the company’s revenue, though the executives sought to expand their horizons. By 1928, they had decided to service passengers. The first year, they owned only three monoplanes capable of transporting about five passengers each. About 70 years later, they were transporting more than 100 million people every year.

Number Three: Major Flights

The main headquarters for Delta Airlines is stationed in Atlanta, Georgia, but they also operate from major hubs in Cincinnati, New York, and Salt Lake City. From this location, executives manage the flights of countless planes, including a number of international lines such as Aeroflot, AeroMexico, AirEuropa, Air France, and Alitalia. Every plane produced for this airline is produced by trusted companies like Airbus, Boeing, and McDonnel Douglass.

Number Two: Community Involvement

In addition to offering quality, affordable air travel to its customers, Delta also offers a hand to charitable organizations. The company is extremely committed to the community, and has invested in the Conservation Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Number One: The Airline Success

Overall, Delta airlines is considered to be the biggest airline service in the world. Their company flies through 368 cities in approximately 66 countries. The airline big boss employs more than 70,000 employees, and flies a customer base of over 170 million passengers every year. Hope you enjoyed our list of the seven crucial facts you didn’t know about Delta Airlines!

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