Delta Goodrem: 'Wings' Single Review

Delta Goodrem: ‘Wings’ Single Review

In her single is called “Wings,” Delta Goodrem’s is returning to the pop-infused piano melodies we fell in love with upon her 2002 debut. It is an empowering anthem about embracing the moment and living life to the fullest.

Using a backbeat and guitar rift to bolster the piano-based tune, the pace builds as Delta heads towards the chorus. Facilitating the feeling of flying, the verses communicate the longing of our hearts as she says, “Everybody’s looking for a second chance / everybody’s wishing they could take a stand.” A softer guitar line emphasizes the uncertainty we feel before taking a major risk, allowing you to visualize yourself on a cliff edge, bravely taking the steps for a run up before embarking on a new adventure.

Coming together in the chorus, Goodrem’s powerhouse vocals soar above a phenomenal piano and string section to invigorate the listener as she draws out the message, “I want to let you and me collide / these wings were made to fly.” The catchy nature of the song comes from the delivery of “fl-yyy,” and you will soon find yourself ‘la la-ing’ along with the songstress.

Clever production means that every instrument and layered vocal is placed to build towards the climax and ultimately leads towards a classical piano line that shows you just how talented of a pianist Goodrem is. Again, this will remind you of the instrumentation in her earlier work, such as “Predictable” and “Not Me, Not I.” “Wings” peaked at number one on the ARIA Charts and was certified Platinum status. Fitting for her return to the music scene after some more subtle releases, this song, penned with electronic duo DNA, is the sound of a new season in Goodrem’s career as she embraces the pop perfection for which she is best known.

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