Demars - Névrose Urbaine (Official Music Music)

Demars – Névrose Urbaine

Titled “Urban Neurosis” in English, the video for this French experimental song brilliantly illustrates Demars’ vision of society’s destruction of the individual spirit, which he also calls “homage to the ground.” More of an experimental poem- composition than a song, the video and the message go hand in hand. Depicting Matrix-like human factories with men being programmed in boxes, the men are formed to be nails in the wall that destroy and rebuild the city.

“Névrose urbaine/ comme une renoncule rampante/ S’infiltre de façon insidieuse, glaciale et malséante” is repeated, which in English can be translated as, “Urban neurosis / like a creping buttercup/ it infiltrates insidiously, icy and unbecoming.” The animated face that is depicted giving the message against an intense backdrop of electronically manipulated sounds and guitar chords grows roses out of his mouth to strangle the man-made nails!

Hailing from Quebec, Michel Demars began his career as the co-founder of a progressive rock band in the 80’s. Since then he has been making electronic and experimental music as well as original compositions for films.  

Directed, animated & designed by Rémy M. Larochelle
Concept by Zaratt
Model & voice – Gaston Lepage
Live camera – Keven Synnott


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