Demi Lovato Releases Cover Art for "Cool For The Summer"

Demi Lovato Releases Cover Art for “Cool For The Summer”

Demi Lovato, 22, is getting ready to drop her much-anticipated new single, “Cool For The Summer“, and she just revealed the cover art. The singer released the images, which depict herself highly stylized and wearing a bathing suit, to a flurry of excitement on Twitter. A lot of fans say that they cannot wait to hear the song.

The teen star and Dallas native, who began her career as an actress and entertainer on the television series Barney and Friends, has grown up to be a Twitter-pop sensation. She also has a song called “Neon Lights,” and another song called “Really Don’t Care.” But this upcoming single promises to be more about the summer. If the cover art is any indication, the song is about wearing high heels and sitting on beach chairs. Industry experts speculate that once Lovato has accumulated enough singles, she will be able to publish an entire album.

Lovato has also been busy developing her own app, following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of Kim Kardashian. She is also in a committed relationship to teen celebrity Wilmer Valderrama, and she is starting her own record label with Nick Jonas. Jonas has told reporters that he is “so proud of my friend and business partner.”

Fellow teen pop idol, Lorde, has also given positive reviews of “Cool for Summer.” Lorde posted on Twitter that she loves the “fiery” new track from Lovato. The single will be available to the public on July 1.

Lovato’s full name is Demetria Devonne, and she was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico but currently resides in Los Angeles. You might be aware of Albuquerque as it is the setting of the popular television series, Breaking Bad. Lovato’s father is a Mexican-American musician and engineer, and her mother used to be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Her parents are currently divorced, but they continue to be very supportive of Lovato’s career as an artist.¬†Lovato can be commonly sighted at such events as the Teen Choice Awards. She is longtime friends with Selena Gomez and others. She is also active in philanthropy, favoring charities that are involved in education and especially rural education.

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