Depression: 10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled with It

Depression: 10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled with It

Depression: 10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled with It
Demi Lovato /
Depression: 10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled with It

Demi Lovato /

Depression is a serious issue that can happen to any person, even those who appear to have everything. Here are 10 of the most famous people who have battled the disorder.

Number Ten: Jon Hamm has Struggled with Depression

When Mad Men star Jon Hamm was only age 20, he went through severe chronic depression after the death of his father. He has found solace in medication.

Number Nine: Ashley Judd

Ashley went through some tough times when she was younger. She’s doing better now though. Reconciling with disconnected family and helping others less fortunate with charity projects has helped her.

Number Eight: Owen Wilson

The roles he plays in movies show a laid-back, fun guy, but we saw a darker side of Wilson when reports showed that he had attempted suicide in ’07. He bounced back from this by spending time with family and close friends.

Number Seven: Paulina Prizkova

When this famous model and actress Porizkova was voted off of television’s Dancing with the Stars some years back, her intense feelings of rejection led her to undergo anxiety attacks. Meds helped, and then she stopped those with willpower.

Number Six: Heath Ledger

Certain news outlets have spoken of this star’s depression and troublesome behavior after his breakup with Michelle Williams. He overdosed not too long after this, tragically.

Number Five: Demi Lovato

This well-known and liked Disney star made headlines in 2010. This happened when she checked into treatment to help heal her emotional and physical issues, among which was depression.

Number Four: David Arquette

This actor didn’t take his divorce from fellow star Courtney Cox very well at all. The man soon checked himself into rehab to receive help with his alcoholism and depression, and appears to be much better nowadays.

Number Three: Catherine Zeta-Jones

In 2011 famous star Zeta-Jones revealed to the public that she struggles with bipolar disorder, which causes serious symptoms of depression. Her decision to go public has been praised.

Number Two: Andre Waters

This former NFL star surprised and devestated those close to him when he committed suicide in ’06. Some sources suggest he’d been suffering brain damage and depressive symptoms prior to this tragedy.

Number One: Gwyneth Paltrow

This star went through some postpartum depression after the birth of her son. We hope you found our article helpful in some way, and thank you for reading.

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