Depression: 5 Irrational Thoughts Depressed People Have

Depression: 5 Irrational Thoughts Depressed People Have

Depression: 5 Irrational Thoughts Depressed People Have

When you are caught in depression, negative thought patterns just keep emerging and taking over your mind, one after the other. No matter what occurs, these obsessive thought cycles seem to fuel your negative moods. These thoughts just make everything in your life worse, buzzing in your head and refusing to go away. Sometimes, they can even keep you stuck in a depressed mood, or make you feel too hopeless to seek help or better feelings. To understand how these thoughts work, you must learn to go beneath the emotions and take a closer look at the overpowering thoughts. Here are some thoughts that, if persistent, could signal depression.

Number Five: ‘No One Likes Me’

It’s impossible to always be liked by everyone, and it’s natural not to get along with everyone you meet. If you find yourself constantly feeling as though no one likes you, however, it could signal something deeper.

Number Four: ‘I am Not Good Enough’

We can’t be perfect at everything we attempt. If you are struggling with a lack of self-worth consistently in your life, though, you could be depressed.

Number Three: ‘I Can Never Do Anything Right’

It’s important to know that, sometimes, trying is enough. If you continue trying new things and feeling as though you can’t ever do anything right, you may want to seek out a way to deal with this, including professional help.

Number Two: ‘I Always Fail at Everything’

No one ever fails at everything they try. If you find yourself constantly struggling with feelings of failure, it could signal a more serious problem. Many people in the depths of depression feel as though they are failures, no matter what they achieve. This disorder clouds everything in your mind, making it all seem worse than it really is. Constant perceived failure is an irrational thought, and a symptom of depression.

Number One: The Repeated Thought ‘I am Completely Useless’ Could Mean Depression

Self worth is the most important aspect of having a healthy mind and, as a consequence, a healthy life. If you don’t see your own worth, you could be depressed. If you or someone you know struggles with this, seeking help is best.

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