Depression: 9 Surprising Causes of this Disorder

Depression: 9 Surprising Causes of this Disorder

Depression: 5 Irrational Thoughts Depressed People Have
Depression: 5 Irrational Thoughts Depressed People Have

We all know about the common and obvious causes of depression, like trauma, money issues, and unemployment. There are some events that can trigger the disorder that you didn’t know about, however. Here they are.

Number Nine: Summertime

Seasonal depression symptoms are typically linked with the dark, cold winter. However, some people get depressed in their summer since their bodies have a hard time adjusting to the weather changes.

Number Eight: Thyroid Issues

When your body’s thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones, this is called hypothyroidism. The problem has multiple symptoms and depression is one of them, since one of the tasks of the thyroid is regulating serotonin levels.

Number Seven: Insufficient Sleep

It’s no secret that tired people are more irritable. When you don’t get enough sleep, your brain doesn’t have time to recover and replenish cells, leading to emotional instability.

Number Six: Too Much Facebook

Those of you who spend a lot of time on this social network won’t like to hear this, but high levels of usage of Facebook have been linked to depression. Internet addicts have a hard time interacting with the outside world.

Number Five: Smoking

Smoking is linked with depression, although it’s unclear whether depressed people are more likely to smoke, or whether smoking causes it. The activity does mess with your brain chemicals, so avoiding it is the best option.

Number Four: The Ending of a TV Series or Film

Some Avatar fans reported feeling depressed after the film because the animated world doesn’t exist. Watching visual entertainment is a way that people forget about their own lives, and the ending of this can lead to depression.

Number Three: Living in a City

Studies show that city-living tends to breed mental disorders at a higher rate than a more rural setting. This is because your brain is constantly overstimulated, leading to more stress.

Number Two: Not Enough Fish

Eat more fish! It’s good for your brain and big fish eaters (for example, Icelandic people) tend to get depressed a lot less often.

Number One: Too Many Options can Lead to Depression

Some people react to having too many choices with a feeling of helplessness or even depression. Thanks for reading our list.

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