Deryck Whibley and Sum 41 Working on New Music

Deryck Whibley and Sum 41 Working on New Music

Sum 41 just revealed they are working on new music together. “An amazing day of running through a set of old songs. After 2 years not playing together, the band sounded tighter than ever,” the band wrote on their Facebook page. Sum 41 released their last studio album four years ago, which was entitled Screaming Bloody Murder. 

Last year, frontman Deryck Whibley was hospitalized after his kidneys and liver collapsed. Whibley’s alcohol addiction led to his serious medical conditions, and the frontman almost lost his life. Whibley hasn’t fully recovered from his medical issues, but he is slowly regaining his strength. The rocker stated he can’t wait to get back onstage with Sum 41, even though he’s still having difficulty walking for long periods of time. “I still have trouble with my walking- everything just depleted. I couldn’t walk for the longest time, and I’m still retraining myself to walk normally,” Whibley told Noisey last month.

Whibley stated the doctors believe he has already made great progress, but the rocker thinks his progress has been slow. Whibley said he’s doing everything in his power in order to get back onstage. “I feel like I’m ready. That’s the only thing that’s been keeping me going and working hard. Everything in my life is to get back onstage,” he stated. Although he is ready to get back onstage, Whibley is a little worried his body is not one-hundred percent ready to start doing shows. “I have slight fears. I hope my balance for my legs is going to be fine. I just don’t want to fall over,” he told Noisey. The sober Sum 41 frontman said that he no longer has a desire to drink again. Whibley admitted that he’s been a heavy drinker since he was 17 years old, but he sees the world in a whole new light now that he’s sober. “There are so many exciting things now. So many things are new for me, I’d never done anything sober,” Whibley stated.

The band has not revealed when they plan on releasing another project, but it gives Sum 41 fans great hope that the band has recently reunited in the recording studio. Besides Screaming Bloody Murder, Sum 41’s other studio albums include All Killer, No Filler, Does This Look Infected?, Chuck, and Underclass Hero. Their debut album entitled All Killer, No Filler reached Number 13 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. The project featured the singles “Fat Lip,” “In Too Deep,” and “Motivation.”

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