Diabetes: 10 Ways to Help Prevent the Disease

Diabetes: 10 Ways to Help Prevent the Disease

Diabetes: 10 Ways to Help Prevent the Disease


Diabetes is a sadly common problem in the United States. It turns out that there are a few simple ways you can prevent becoming diabetic, however, even if you already possess the proclivity for the disease. Here are some preventative tips.

Number Ten: Control Your Weight

Carrying around extra weight on your body is the number one most important cause of type 2 diabetes. Becoming overweight increases your chances of development times seven! Being obese means that you are 20-40 times more likely to get diabetes than a person with a normal weight.

Number Nine: Stop Being Inactive

Being sedentary promotes type 2 diabetes. Working your body’s muscles more often and harder improves their ability to make use of insulin in the body and also to absorb glucose, meaning exercise lowers your risk for getting the disease. Turn off that TV and get moving!

Number Eight: Avoid Processed Carbs, Choose Whole Grains Instead

Luckily, this isn’t very difficult. There’s a whole host of healthy selections at most grocery stores.

Number Seven: Skip Sugar Drinks and Choose Tea, Water, or Coffee

Like refined grains, sugary drinks have a high glycemic load, and ingesting more of these is highly associated with risks of becoming diabetic. Cut out the soda and fake juice, it’s not worth it!

Number Six: Choose Your Fat Sources Wisely

Good fats, such as the types found in olive oils, help your body to ward off type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, Trans fats do the opposite, so choose wisely.

Number Five: Eat More Nuts, Whole Grains, and Fish

These food items are necessary for a healthy diet in general. They may lower your risk of becoming diabetic, as well.

Number Four: Quit Smoking to Prevent Diabetes

Smokers are about 50 percent more likely to become diabetic than nonsmoking people. Heavy smoking individuals are at an even larger risk.

Number Three: Drink Alcohol in Moderate Doses

Alcohol in reasonable amounts has been shown to help with the risk of the disease. Make sure you’re moderating accordingly.

Number Two: But If You Don’t Drink, Don’t Start

However, if you don’t already drink alcoholic beverages, there’s no need to begin now. You can get comparable health benefits by shedding some extra weight, exercising more often, and switching up your diet habits.

Number One: Cut Out Red Meat, or At Least Eat Less

Decreasing your amounts of processed red meat every day will reduce your risk by 50%. Thanks for reading!

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