Die Antwoord Releases Freaky Video

Die Antwoord Releases Freaky Video


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Hip Hop/Rave band Die Antwoord has just released a music video for Pitbull Terrier sure to raise a few eyebrows and possibly turn a few stomachs. Off of their upcoming album Donker Mad, the video has already made waves on social media in the few hours it has been released to the public.

The video utilizes very convincing and disturbing makeup to transform lead singer Ninja into the titular Pitbull Terriar. Matching his freak factor is Yo-Landi covered in white wakeup and blacked out eyes. Throughout the video Ninja engages in dog like behavior including the violent throat biting of a man on the street. This is intermixed with Ninja’s pit bull hitting on anthropomorphic cats and jumping all over the South African landscape

Directed by Ninja, the video is yet another step in Die Antwoord’s mission to shock people into feeling alive. “People are unconscious, and you have to use your art as a shock machine to wake them up.” Ninja explained when asked about his work. “Some people are too far gone. They’ll just keep asking, ‘Is it real? Is it real?’…You gotta be a good guide to help people get away from dull experience.” Despite their aggressive attitude towards viewers, both studio albums have peaked well into the Billboard Hot 200 proving that there is a place for their disturbing style in the United States.

Die Antwoord (literally “The Answer” in Afrikaan) formed in 2008 with lead vocalists Ninja and Yolandi Visser and procure DJ Hi-Tek. Fusing a together Roger Ballen-esque Zef (meaning common) feel with over the top shock images, the band has become notorious for their visual style. Their video Enter the Ninja off of their debut album $O$ attracted international attention due to the shocking nature that is now the band’s calling card.  As the band’s popularity has grown so has their autonomy over their music, having owned their own music label since 2011.

Donker Mad will is set for release by Die Antwoord’s own label Zef Records on June 3rd. Take a look at the freaky video here, but be warned that it may not be safe for work.

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