Diplo Finally Addresses M.I.A's Jealousy Claims

Diplo Finally Addresses M.I.A’s Jealousy Claims

Diplo Finally Addresses MIAs Jealousy Claims - FDRMX

During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine last month, M.I.A. revealed she had a turbulent relationship with Diplo. She stated that he didn’t want her to do magazine covers, work with mainstream artists, and he was against M.I.A.’s record deal with Interscope. M.I.A. claimed she never enjoyed her success during her two-year relationship with Diplo. “It’s only now when I look back at it in 2015, I can see that he was just jealous and he couldn’t wait to be Taylor Swift’s best friend and date Katy Perry,” M.I.A. told Rolling Stone.

Diplo has not responded to his ex-girlfriend’s claims, until now. The EDM DJ said he met with M.I.A the day after her Rolling Stone interview, and she apologized for her comments. “I hadn’t seen her in five years. Nothing she said was a lie. I was really jealous and sad, and probably mad when she signed to a major label,” Diplo told Billboard magazine. He continued,”I had a lot of control when we started, and I was really proud of the music we made.” Diplo said that he and M.I.A. did fight at times, but they were able to make good music afterwards. He jokingly stated that he wants to find an artist to fight with, so they could make good music together. Diplo revealed M.I.A and his group Major Lazer may collaborate on a project. “We’re thinking about doing something for Major Lazer with her. She’s so awesome still, and her attitude is much better now,” he said.

Major Lazer’s Peace is the Mission album will drop on June 1st, and the group plans on dropping another project this year as well. Diplo and his Jack U partner Skrillex, are also expected to do a feature on Justin Bieber’s upcoming album. “We’re hopefully going to have some time with him this summer. We definitely want to return the favor for him, because it was a big deal he gave “Where Are U Now” [from Jack U album],” Diplo told Billboard. Diplo stated that “Where Are U Now” was a totally different song for Bieber, and he needs to do music that showcases his talent more. “Bieber’s so talented, he needs to just be himself and work on his craft. He has to find the right team to help him make something that’s going to stand alone,” Diplo told Billboard.

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