Disclosure Remixes Jay-Z and Pharrell's "Frontin"

Disclosure Remixes Jay-Z and Pharrell’s “Frontin”

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Dance and Electronica Band Disclosure has seen an enormous increase in activity due to their innovative remix of Pharrell and Jay-Z’s 2003 Summer song “Frontin’”. While that song was a huge hit, it ranks considerably low in popularity next to the bulk of songs produced by hip hop giants Pharrell and Jay-Z. Nevertheless, Disclosure saw something special in the song and has produced a version of it that many are calling superior to the original.

Whereas the original was steady and slow for a lounge feel, Disclosure fills it to the brim with added beats and electronic pulses to liven it up a bit. While Pharrell’s vocals are still intact, they’re altered a bit in order to fit the current pace of the song. Disclosure has issued a bit of a challenge to their fanbase, presenting their remix on SoundCloud as a “Little re-work we did of one of our favourite songs ever… Might give this one away for free when we reach 1m likes on facebook… we shall see…ENJOY!”. So far the band has just under 950,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Disclosure is made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence who were raised in Reigae, Surrey in England. The boys grew up transfixed on electronic music and release their debut single “Offline Dexterity” in 2010 at the impressively young ages of 19 and 16, respectively. Two years later they would produce their debut (and so far only) album Settle which attracted a lot of media attention thanks to the radio friendly hit “Tenderly/Flow”. Disclosure already has a respectable list of remixes of popular songs, having started in 201o with Everything Everything’s “Photoshop Handsome”.

Frontin’ was released to close out the Summer of 2003. Throughout it’s run it peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and took number 1 at the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list. It became Pharrell’s biggest hit until the Academy Award nominated hit “Happy” in 2013. The track has previously been covered by fellow Brit Jamie Cullum for BBC’s Jazz themed Live Lounge and later by Maroon 5 and Mos Def.

Disclosure’s music including their current hit remixes can all be listened to at their SoundCloud Website here.

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