Is This Dating Site for Disney Fans the New Tinder?

Is This Dating Site for Disney Fans the New Tinder?

Is This Dating Site for Disney Fans the New Tinder?

In yet another step toward ultimate dating site customization, one especially avid Disney fanatic decided to create Mouse Mingle: the dating site for Disney fans. According to Tech Insider, the site, which launched on Tuesday, was created by Los Angeles-based man Dave Tavres.

Mouse Mingle is marketed as “the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship.” Tavres¬†thought of the idea when he realized that normal dating sites like OKCupid and Match don’t have any Disney questions. For people whose lives revolve largely around Disney, this is a fundamental issue.

Tavres’¬†involvement with Disney is quite extensive, so he’s become very invested in Mouse Mingle. Tavres used to work as an engineer at Disneyland and didn’t want to be the guy trying to meet chicks at Disneyland, so Mouse Mingle was a happy medium for him. Users who sign up for Mouse Mingle are asked both Disney-related and traditional dating-related questions.

Afters users answer regular dating questions (age, gender, height, sexual orientation, etc.), they are then asked a bevy of questions about Disney, including their shopping style, favorite characters and even their thoughts on other franchises like Marvel. One interesting section of questions asks users how close they are to a Disney park, implying a date to a Disney park will be a popular choice among users.

Unsurprisingly, the users currently on Mouse Mingle have uploaded mostly pictures of themselves at Disney parks or doing Disney-related things. To prevent trolls, Tavre has made Mouse Mingle quite exclusive. Only users are able to see the full profiles of other users. However, the member database is available to the public.

Though a Disney dating site like Mouse Mingle may seem superfluous and even comical in nature, it follows a string of equally ridiculous niche dating sites, such as GlutenFreeSingles, which is for people who ascribe to a gluten-free lifestyle, and the ever-popular JDate for Jewish singles.

So far, it seems like people are enjoying Mouse Mingle, but there’s no telling the direction this site could take moving forward. But for now, Mouse Mingle is still an innocent and super cute dating site for those Disney fanatics in search of their very own Prince Charming.

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