Disturbing Scenes Show Abandoned Sick Dog Left Chained And Surrounded By Hungry Vultures, Thankfully She Was Saved Just In Time | PPcorn

Disturbing Scenes Show Abandoned Sick Dog Left Chained And Surrounded By Hungry Vultures, Thankfully She Was Saved Just In Time

Disturbing Scenes Show Abandoned Sick Dog Left Chained And Surrounded By Hungry Vultures, Thankfully She Was Saved Just In Time

Have you ever just had a gut feeling that something was off? Well, that’s the exact feeling that many residents in a small town in North Carolina were feeling one day. When the sky became flooded with vultures, residents knew something strange was happening. That’s when they headed outdoors and discovered the most upsetting sight.

20. Normal Day

Image: Honest To Paws

It was a typical winter day for residents living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Nothing out of the ordinary was expected by anyone and everyone was going about their day as usual. However, that was until residents noticed a circle of vultures flying over one house in particular.

19. Christmas

Image: The Carolina Bird Club

The residents first noticed the vultures show up on Christmas day. Over the next few days, the number of vultures only continued to increase. This phenomenon started to worry residents, so they decided to walk over to the house and see what was going on.

18. Getting In Contact

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Residents quickly came into a dilemma when they headed over to the house. There seemed to be no one there to get in contact with. However, everyone was far too worried at this point to just stop investigating and so residents took things into their own hands.

17. The Trees

Image: Honest To Paws

The residents of the neighborhood found a way to get into the backyard of the house. They immediately noticed a large number of vultures perched on top of the trees there. It appeared as though the vultures were sitting around and waiting for something.

16. Horrible Sight

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As the neighbors made their way into the backyard they quickly caught sight of something sickening! There in the backyard was a chained up pit bull puppy. The poor puppy was surrounded by vultures that were waiting to feast upon her.

15. Waiting Game

Image: Charlotte Observer

Vultures are scavengers and do not attack living animals. However, they do eat decaying corpses and it seems that they could tell that the puppy was close to passing away. It was a devastating sight to witness and the neighbors knew they had to act fast.

14. Animal Control

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The neighbors immediately got on the phone with animal control and alerted them to the situation. Animal control officers quickly headed over to the house to rescue the dog. They also placed a notice on the front door of the house.

13. Examining Her

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The officers took the pit bull and began to examine it. It was obvious the vultures had not harmed the pit bull at all. However, the chain that was wrapped around the puppy’s neck was doing the most damage of all.

12. Animal Shelter

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It was obvious the chain had been wrapped around the poor puppy’s neck since it had been born. Animal control quickly whisked the puppy away and brought her over to a nearby animal shelter. It was clear that whoever owned this dog didn’t deserve to have her any longer.

11. Helping Out

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The wonderful staff at the shelter got the pit bull cleaned up and fed. They also gave her a comfortable place to settle into for the time being. However, this obviously wasn’t a permanent solution for the pup. After all, shelter life can be quite stressful for a small pup.

10. Stressful Surroundings

Image: lovemydogblog.com

Shelter life can be incredibly stressful for dogs, especially for a young pup. Animal shelters are often quite loud and overfilled with dogs. However, it was the best place the sweet pit bull could be until a more permanent solution could be found.

9. Local News

Image: Honest To Paws

Soon, local news stations in the area caught wind of the story. They immediately wanted to give the pit bull the coverage she deserved. With the help of the local news, shelter staff hoped that people would become inspired to head out and adopt the pit bull.

8. Interested Parents

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Soon enough, more and more people became interested in adopting the pit bull. However, one family stood out to shelter staff. The interested couple happened to be Keana Lynch and Travis Henley. They immediately adopted the pit bull and named her ‘Lilo,’ after the favorite movie of Travis’ daughter, Lilo and Stitch.

7. Timid Pup

Image: Honest To Paws

When Keana and Travis first brought Lilo back home with them, the pup was understandably scared and reserved. After all, the sweet thing had undergone a lot of trauma before making it to her forever home. It would only make sense that she would be wary of her new parents.

6. Quick Change

Image: Honest To Paws

However, soon enough, the sweet pup began to realize that she was finally in good hands. Once Lilo began to trust her new family an entirely new personality seemed to burst forth. She was playful and loved to go out and enjoy life!

5. Affectionate

Image: Honest To Paws

Although Lilo absolutely adored being outdoors and running around, she also had another strong love in her life. Her mother soon realized that Lilo loved to cuddle up and be affectionate. Snuggling up on the couch was definitely one of her other favorite activities.

4. Making A Difference

Image: Honest To Paws

Keana and Travis were both so incredibly happy that Lilo was adjusting so well to her new home. However, despite helping to save the life of this sweet dog, they felt like they could be doing more. So the couple decided to help out on a grander scale by sharing Lilo’s story.

3. Lilo’s Story

Image: Honest To Paws

Keana began to visit local schools in the area to help teach the kids about dogs and their behavior. She hoped that by sharing Lilo’s story she could encourage more people to help out dogs in need. Keana also hoped to inspire others to adopt dogs as well.

2. Enjoying Life

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Ever since her rescue, Lilo has been doing better and better. She is greatly enjoying her life with her new mommy and daddy. She also happens to have a new dog sister and the two of them are absolutely inseparable.

1. Wonderful Rescue Job

Image: Honest To Paws

It is thanks to the amazing residents that investigated their neighborhood and the wonderful staff at the shelter that Lilo was able to make a great recovery. Now, thanks to her loving new family, Lilo is enjoying every day of her life and no longer has to worry about being chained up again!

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